Best Urethane Bowling Ball

​​In bowling, the ball is just as important as the pins and the track. The characteristics of this element indeed influence the way of throwing the player. Urethane balls are one of them. This is why it is essential to know how to choose it before looking for where to buy the Best urethane bowling ball.

Best Urethane Bowling Ball

We, therefore, advise you to consult this buying guide, because it will allow you to know how to choose the best one. That said, here are already one of our best models with their qualities, if you do not have the time to read everything. If you advocate quality for the selection of your bowling ball, go to the MICHELIN Storm Mix bowling ball. With weights of vast range (6 to 16), it will offer you an optimized grip and control during your throws, even for novices.

​If you intend to buy a new bowling ball, then you must look for cover stock quality, core type, weight, and durability. Otherwise, you may end up buying a cheap bowling ball that can't help you do well.

Finding the right urethane ball is not always comfortable with the multitude of models on the market. To help you make a wise investment, we have put together this list of products grouping together the specimens most recommended by consumers.
First, check the following comparative table of the technical aspects:

​Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball


The Storm brand has chosen to address all bowling enthusiasts for the design of this equipment. That is why it offers a wide variety of colors available concerning this specimen. There is something for everyone, especially if you cannot decide on the color of your future equipment.

Men, women, and children will find their accounts with the specialist manufacturer of bowling balls. You can select 12 to 14 pounds, even 16 pounds, as you wish. In terms of performance, you can rely on its symmetrical core system combined with its urethane cover. This modeling is a significant asset for people wanting to learn this type of sport.

It will be easy for you to work on your precision, but also the effects of running the ball on the track. The polished structure also allows a slip without complications.

The pitch-black color with the logo imprinted on the front- makes a killer urethane ball.

What I Like

  • Multiple weights to choose from: For this purchase, the manufacturer provides consumers with five different loads of equipment. In this way, you can get the specimen that meets your capacity in terms of aesthetics
  • ​More exceptional grip: This design mode gives the ball a better grip on the track, unlike the models that do not. Therefore, this reference corresponds to the expectations of beginners wishing to improve their levels of play
  • ​Solid look: the dark black gives a sporty vibe

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Holes to be drilled: After purchasing this equipment, you will need to approach a professional or a specialized store to add the holes

​Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball


To satisfy its consumers, Hammer has decided to embark on the design of a versatile polyurethane bowling ball. Thus, all player profiles can apply and maximize their performance via this equipment. The latter also has a unisex look, likely to appeal to men and women.

This material will hit the track, attracting attention with its set of meticulously worked a dark purple color. Besides, both intermediate level and professionals will have no trouble handling it. It is not quite light, thus ensuring a good grip of the device when launching.

This product also incorporates a Symmetrical LED core. It comes into play during the ball by granting the latter a precise trajectory to properly touch the pins.

If you rank yourself among intermediate or advanced practitioners, you will probably find satisfaction in using this model during confrontations.

What I Like

  • ​Unique design: The manufacturer has developed the appearance of this specimen to appeal to all player profiles. Indeed, its aesthetic attracts both men and women. This product is suitable for many styles
  • ​Performance optimizer: This bowling ball has the function of boosting the capacities of its user, especially the enthusiastic in the field. Thus, it adapts to all the levels presented by the user

​What I Didn’t Like

  • High cost: To buy this hammer urethane bowling ball, you will have to put the price. The fact that it is quite expensive is an obstacle for some wishing to acquire quality equipment but having only a reasonably limited budget

​Bowlerstore Candlepin Urethane Pro-Line Bowling Ball


The Bowlerstore Candlepin Urethane Pro-Line Bowling Ball has been designed with a urethane coating. This material is known to offer excellent impact resistance. Thanks to this manufacturing, this article has an utterly acceptable lifespan.

The polished finish of this model allows it to roll smoothly on any type of track. The amount of friction is built up, ensuring the ball spins faster. The latter will then be able to move more quickly towards the pins without much effort from the launcher.

This item is approximately 4.5 inches. It is an average size that will prevent you from getting tired too quickly if you play several games in a row. This allows beginners to accumulate experience in a short time.

If you are still looking for the best performing polyurethane bowling ball, we offer the Bowlerstore Candlepin Urethane Pro-Line Bowling Ball.

What I Like

  • Resistant: This model was made of urethane material. It is then solid enough to accompany you for a long time
  • ​Easy to use: With a size of only 4.5 inches, this item is relatively easy to handle. You can, therefore, control it effortlessly, even if you are a beginner
  • ​Polished finish: The smooth surface offers both a chic design while ensuring a short glide length. This also influences the correct rotation of this ball

​What I Didn’t Like

  • For beginners: Unfortunately, its design does not make it the perfect bowling ball for experienced people



Weighing from 6 kgs to 16 kgs, the MICHELIN Storm Mix is intended for people who already have a particular notion in the field and also who are used to large sizes.

Combining silver, white and blue, this ball brings together a set of colors that will appeal to users looking for a simplistic but attractive aesthetic.

This is equipment resulting from a low-reaction technology. The hull comes under this type of design. Assembled with U1S Pearl Urethane, this model provides a high level of balance during handling and launching. On the track, it also has excellent stability given its weight.

The external structure benefits from careful polishing making its trajectory precise. Managing to hit the pins will, therefore, be an easy task, mainly if you have already assimilated the basics of the discipline.

What I Like

  • Suitable design: Thanks to this design mode, the ball offers an optimal glide on all categories of tracks. Thus, all types of players will have no problem handling it and hitting targets
  • Reliable: This model has a urethane construction, making its shell difficult to damage. He intends to accompany you for a long time in your activities without you planning to change equipment
  • Vibrant color: the mix of blue and silver created a lively atmosphere

​What I Didn’t Like

  • None: as expected, this ball seems to satisfy its customers with no bad reviews

​Storm Fever Pitch


Weighing 14 kgs, the Storm Fever Pitch, is one of the best urethane bowling balls in our list. Its weight will allow you to have perfect game control. Indeed, the handling of this article is much easier compared to its similar.

Experts will, therefore, have no trouble playing with it.

This model is made of urethane, which is a material with excellent impact resistance. This ball will then accompany you for many years. Besides, the surface has been carefully polished, which allows it to slide well on the track.

This Storm Fever Pitch is very popular among professional players. You can, therefore, use it during official tournaments and professional competitions. Also, its design is particularly suitable for people who are experts in the game.

If you are still wondering which is the best bowling ball on the market, we advise you to try the Storm model.

What I Like

  • Medium-heavy: The Storm fever pitch is a reasonably medium-heavy model that weighs precisely 14 kgs. It is therefore very suitable for those who are just habituated to play bowling
  • Certified: Thanks to these characteristics, it is authorized in all types of competitions, whether for amateurs or professionals
  • ​Quality manufacturing: Designed in a urethane material with a polished finish, this ball has excellent impact resistance while offering a good design. Buying it is a good investmen

​What I Didn’t Like

  • No original holes: It is necessary to drill cavities in the ball because there are not yet when buying

​Roto Grip Bowling Balls


In bowling, as in all sports, using a high-performance device condition the development of your abilities. It is with this in mind that Roto Grip developed this material. Whatever your level, you can count on the qualities of this equipment.

First of all, the manufacturer opted for a polished coating, making it easier to throw and slide on the parquet. This reference will then allow you to work on your shooting accuracy and improve your skills. In general, it is intended for all player profiles.

Even if you are new to the field, this article can become your ideal material thanks to the design of its asymmetrical core.

This technology produces optimal interaction on the track while also giving you more accuracy during the launch.

What I Like

  • Versatile: This model accommodates both intermediate and professionals. Thus, it is suitable for different types of use, whether for training or competitions
  • Ideal for everyone: The designer has chosen a shade that will appeal to men and women. This version has an aspect compatible with all player profiles
  • Asymmetric core: The Roto Grip has a core allowing the ball to perform a rotating trajectory. You will be more likely to hit the pins while using it

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Need for drilling: This model does not have holes for purchase. You will need to customize it

​Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


Designed with a top shell, this item guarantees the right balance. The player will, therefore, have no trouble gauging his power during the throw, while having perfect control.

Rhino technology ensures a minimum glide length, giving this ball an ideal rotation, whether the track is dry or a little wet. Besides, the heart is manufactured in high asymmetrical to increase your chances of making a Strike with each throwing.

It weighs from 10 to 16 kgs, which is quite a range. It will then be easy for you to handle and adjust your shot. In addition, this weight is ideal for both the people who are discovering the joys of this sport and them who are experts. It, therefore, allows you to remain enduring even after a few games.

Determining which bowling ball to choose may seem confusing, given the complexity of the features to consider. Note, however, that the Brunswick Rhino is made for all level players.

What I Like

  • Control​: The design of this model makes it particularly easy to control. Indeed, the upper shell gives it the right balance, which allows you to adjust the shooting power easily
  • Adjustable weight: With a weight of from 10 to 16 kgs, this ball is easy to handle on several parts. Even with little endurance, you can hold out until the end of the competition without getting too tired. It is therefore ideally suited for beginners and advanced players
  • Different colors: without a doubt, the different colors have a very enduring impact on players

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Not very durable: The resistance of this model is quite low. Indeed, even if you are not an aggressive player, it is chipped in no time

Why Do You Need to Buy Urethane Bowling Balls?    

Considered the cheapest, least aggressive, and among the most durable on the market, the best Urethane bowling balls are the best options for novices. They have the least potential for hooks, so if you still need to practice aiming at the pins, this is the best choice for you. Its predictability facilitates control if you need to be very precise in your throw.

The best urethane bowling balls are also widely used on relatively dry tracks. It provides significant control in these cases. It also allows you to reach the pins in the exact way you should score a good score. They are popular with beginners because they are quite inexpensive. They also help you take a straight line.

The urethane balls were created from the need for bowling balls with enormous hook potential. Their exterior is more porous than that of plastic balls, so they can create more friction at the back and form a larger arc.

The movement of the bow is gradual, however, so that some people continue to use it as spare balls. In most cases, it is also an excellent choice for moderate and dry routes.

The best urethane bowling ball provides a better backend response and greater length.

Solid urethane reacts earlier and is less sensitive to changes in ball speed.

How to Choose the Best Urethane Bowling Ball?

​To find out how to choose the best urethane bowling ball with better value for money, go on with this article. Our buying guide for the best bowling balls offers you the criteria to consider, such as size, material, design, and the accessories provided.

​The weight

The weight of your future bowling ball is an essential choice criterion to take into account. If you are a beginner in the field, it is advisable to choose light balls so that you can have better control of the game, but also to facilitate the handling of the ball. 

The balls numbered 6 to 8 are suitable for children; those classified from 8 to 13 are indicated for women, and those from 12 to 16 are more suitable for men.


Before finding where to buy a new bowling ball, you will also need to choose the material of your ball. There are two types of balls. The hard is the type of ball that is usually found in bowling alleys.

This material is composed of a hard foam core protected by a shell made of polyester resin. This type of ball called a straight ball or rack ball is more suitable for beginners.

The reactive bowling ball consists of a nucleus whose composition allows modification of its inertia and also of its behavior. This type of ball is recommended for players who already dominate the use of rack balls.


​In a price comparison, the design of your future bowling ball also matters a lot. In terms of bowling balls, the plan is differentiated by the piercing of these. It is the distance between the three holes that characterize the ball. Our advice on the subject recommends trying to grip the bowling ball: a secure and comfortable grip indicates a shot of adequate dimensions.


​Bowling is a popular game that is often used for leisure. The practitioners' goal is to knock down as many skittles as possible with the help of a bowling ball. Bowling is great fun and entertaining activity that anyone can do. This game allows children to develop their ability and motor skills. Above all, it brings together family and friends.

That's why we love it so much. Do you enjoy spending time in the bowling alley and want to improve your skills? The first thing you need to do is buy a ball and bowling pins. In this guide, we have focused on the best urethane bowling ball with some tips and tricks.

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