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​​Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Storm Pitch Bowling Ball by Michelin

Path Rising Bowling Ball by Pyramid

​In a game of bowling, to be sure you are winning, it is essential to choose the best bowling ball for dry lanes. However, finding your way through the hundreds of proposals on the web can be difficult. It is more difficult, especially for those who do not know the main characteristics that a similar product must-have. This is why, if you have come to this page even if only to look for a little order, you are in the right place.

Further down, we have collected several of the best solutions on the web. But if you are impatient to know what is the best bowling ball, we advise you to take a look at Brunswick rhino bowling ball immediately. The ball boasts a right gyroscopic radius and an attractive color suitable for the most eccentric. But it does not end here, Brunswick rhino bowling ball comes with different colors and sizes, perfect for beginners as it is not too heavy and therefore easy to pull.

​You need to start to use a quality bowling ball and pins will easily get attacked. It doesn't matter what type of bowler you are. You need to focus on using the right ball for bowling.

As you can see, in this article, we have brought together the best bowling balls. Some sections aim to offer you a complete picture of making informed purchases.
You just need to read the most important features that we have reported in the lower paragraphs. Before that, check out this comparative table.

​Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball


Designed for both beginners and intermediate players, the storm sure lock bowling ball is an exciting model. This specific ball has a wide range of weight of 8-16 pounds, being suitable for both men and women who like to play at this weight.

This ball has an exterior made of pearl reactive. Easy to recognize by its green and black tones, as well as by the logo stamped on the front. This surely can be the best dry lane bowling ball that could even be used in a tournament, due to having official measurements and characteristics when playing.

And if that were not enough, given that we are talking about a model that is among the cheap balls of the moment. It is also close to the title of the best bowling ball for value for money at the moment. This time you can enjoy the best bowling ball in your budget, which is an excellent value for money, in addition to buying one of the cheapest models.

Check out the technical aspects of the table above.

What I Like

  • Use: the use of this bowling ball is intended for both beginner and intermediate players, according to its manufacturers
  • Weight: it weighs 8 to 11 pounds, ideal for men and women who prefer to play bowling with a ball of this type
  • Manufacturing: the exterior of this ball is made entirely of pearl reactive. Therefore, it can offer you an appropriate level of quality
  • Design: it has green and black tones available in its structure and, of course, a logo printed on the front

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Drilling: some users have shown dissatisfaction with having to attend a professional store where they can drill the bowling ball since it is an additional expense.

​Brunswick Twist Sky


The Brunswick twist sky bowling ball is the perfect tool for those who want heavyweight balls. This specific model offers you 14 pounds to take all the necessary bowling with you. It has a versatile design that is suitable for all phases of the game.

So, despite its weight, it is an appropriate ball to give that special effect in the early stages of the game. Also, it is perfect for eliminating the most rebellious bowling that may be on the way.

So, it is a ball designed for players who already have a certain level and preferably men, due to the weight issue that we have previously mentioned. Regarding its appearance, the ball has a beautiful glossy green and pink finish with touches of white, to give it that extra that finishes off its composition.

If you want to know which bowling ball to buy, you only have to consider some details. For example, the weight it has or even the design it offers you so that you can deduce if it is really what you are looking for.

What I Like

  • Weight: this ball has a weight of 14 pounds, which makes it ideal for advanced level players
  • Design: it has a versatile and fully functional design to use during all phases of the game without any inconvenience
  • Appearance: this ball has a quite lovely appearance for those who enjoy bright tones since it is available in a mix of green, pink, and white colors

​What I Didn’t Like

  • None: surprisingly, this particular model doesn’t have much to mention. The customers seem to be very satisfied with its performance

​Pyramid Pathogen X Bowling Ball


Another of the models that we have considered unusual to be in our selection is the pyramid pathogen x bowling ball. A model that has energy control and high versatility with which to achieve adequate control in all phases of the game.

A somewhat more massive ball than the rest of those we have analyzed, counting in this case with a total weight of 14 pounds and design mainly thought for men.

It is also true that, due to its characteristics, it is a ball more suitable for the experienced player than for the newcomer. This is because its design allows light effects when hitting bowling. Something to which the reactive nucleus of the ball helps, which generates an extra force at the time of starting the game.

If you are a professional or simply enjoy playing bowling, you should take into account the purchase of a good ball with which to knock down all the pins, leading your team to victory.

What I Like

  • Weight: this model offers you a weight of 14 pounds. Also, its characters point out that the design available on the ball makes it unique for men's use
  • Use: it is suitable for experienced players in this type of game since they could achieve special effects when it comes to knocking down the pins
  • Control: this ball offers you an appropriate energy control so that you can make a suitable move. You can knock down all the pins in the different phases of the game

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Control in mid-dry lane: some users have been unhappy by mentioning that it needs a little more power in mid-dry lane

​Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball


The hammer purple pearl urethane bowling ball is another one of those balls that are suitable for intermediate to beginners. Because they have a configuration that helps the game and controls it efficiently.

We are talking about a spare ball, so it can be used in all phases of the game until a certain amount of control is achieved. Being a ball suitable for learning to do these effects, beginners will find this useful.

Its 14 pounds of weight help this game, so it is affordable to be used by both men and women who feel comfortable playing with this weight.

Regarding its materials, they have a straight effect core, covered with a urethane pearl exterior that finishes it off. An exterior with a purple decoration reminiscent of a very natural dark effect.

Hammer could be considered one of the dry lanes bowling balls brand available on the market thanks to the versatility, disposition, practicality, and functionality that it offers for each model.

What I Like

  • Suitable: it is appropriate to be used during all stages of the game and can achieve outstanding results through effects that could properly knock down the pins
  • Material: this ball turns out with a straight effect core and a solid and durable pearl cover so you can use it for a long time
  • Decor: the decoration available in this ball offers a new and sporty exterior thanks to the tones it has. Its dark purple makes it vibrant to look at.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Weight: you should consider the fact that this ball is only available with a weight of 12-16 pounds, so if you are used to using more lighter models, you should look for another option

​Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball


When it comes to finding the best bowling ball, the ebonite models are always a classic that never fails. Something that we can see in the ebonite maxim model, which is presented with quality manufacturing, both outside and inside.

This ball features a pancake-like design, which is a triple-core construction that is topped with a spare or straight pull effect. This ball comes to a weight of 10 pounds for younger players to players with beginner strength and wingspan.

A design in which, on the outside, it is undoubtedly striking, its finish in blue, green, and water tones, with which we become the kings of the track, and not only for our results.

For you to acquire the best bowling ball of the moment, you must take into account details that have to do with its manufacture, weight, and design. So that you can determine if it is what you are looking for.

What I Like

  • Manufacturing: as for the production of this bowling ball, it has a triple-core with a suitable spare effect so that you can knock down all the pins
  • Weight: this ball is available in 10 pounds
  • Design: the design available in this ball is unique. Therefore, its exterior is capable of attracting the attention of anyone, since it is presented in blue, green, and water tones

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Use: according to the manufacturer's suggestions, this bowling ball is particular for beginners to use, so if you are a professional in this game, you should look at another model

​Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball


Now on the market for several years, the pyramid appears again among the offers that we have selected for you. Why? Because it is a company that has made quality its battle brand.

A confirmation in this sense comes from the black bowling ball of the pyramid curse, particularly reactive and, therefore, suitable for both beginners and experts. The symmetrical core and glossy surface make it quite slippery. Even on those somewhat complicated terrains, such as the dry lanes of some bowling alleys, it works fine.

But its power is also commensurate with the price. In fact, it is not the cheapest product on our list, although it is still of excellent artistry. As you can see, during the purchase, you can choose between different weights, and in this way, also customize your ball as bowling players.

But before going further, let's summarize its strengths and weaknesses.

What I Like

  • Variety: The pyramid offers you a different range of weights for both beginners and experts
  • Powerful and versatile: designed for beginners and experts both and therefore suitable for sliding on even the driest tracks. This bowling ball surprises for the power also given by the symmetrical core
  • Sound quality: pyramid is famous for its top of the range products, which is why the excellent quality of the pyramid curse bowling ball is not left to chance here either

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Only for dry lane: despite positive opinions and high quality, if you are thinking of trying this other than a dry lane, it won't work

​Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


Among the best-selling items, check this model of bowling ball branded Brunswick, which for power and aesthetics wins a place in our buying advice. Its main feature is in fact that any player can use it, be it a professional or a novice one.

Thanks to a core, you will have no problem playing and learning even on less smooth and slippery surfaces: the polyester coating is also and above all used to facilitate your play.

Besides, thanks to the polished factory finish, which is a type of protective varnish, the bowling ball manages to maintain its trajectory very well. It also helps to avoid ending up off the track too quickly.

So, if you don't know where to buy an item that satisfies the eyes and the heart, making you win and train without worries, give this model a chance, which is also among the cheapest.

What I Like

  • Design: at first glance, what stands out the most from this bowling ball is the colors. The elegant design can conquer those who love this type of product
  • Value for money: a set of factors (such as the resistant core, the ability to maintain the trajectory and the glossy finishes) allow the ball to slide more efficiently, make this article valid, but inexpensive
  • Suitable for everyone: it is a bowling ball ideal for every type of player, from those who are beginners to those who are already advanced

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Dimensions: for some more experienced, the quality may seem a little unfortunate

​Why Do You Need to Buy Bowling Balls for Dry Lanes?


​The fast and personalized access to a ball that meets our needs is very cool. Even more so if we regularly go to bowling, being professional or not, it is a great way to always have on hand an adequate weight and a ball that we like.


​Having a ball that weighs just enough to roll correctly and balances the movements of our hand can make us better players without even working on our power. So, there is no better way to score higher in each game than with a new, personal ball.


​Let's be honest nobody likes the idea of ​​sticking their fingers in holes where hundreds of other unknown people have done it before. But it is not just a matter of disgust. The presence of bacteria is real, so to avoid this contact, it is best to have your ball at home.

​How to Choose the Best Bowling Ball for Dry Lanes?


​There are a series of measures that all balls must comply with. These may seem very technical aspects, but if you are going to have a ball at home, it is better that you know what "species" it is.

​Manufacturing materials

  • Plastic: These types of tires are smooth and give little friction, a good thing for newbies because it is a very predictable performance.
  • Urethane: With more controllable and harder. Its higher resistance translates into a more significant coupling to the track so that its travel is constant and less prone to deviation.
  • Reactive resin: More sensitive and more difficult to control but preferred by experts on its excellent engagement and pin action.
  • Proactive: These are the tires that work best on oiled tracks. They are light and with a reasonable length of movement.

​Cover stock

​The treatment of the cover can be polished or sanded. These procedures determine the hardness, roughness, and oil absorption, factors that affect the overall performance of the game.


​It is one of the first elements that we notice when catching a ball, and the possibility of maneuver depends mainly on it. For teens or petite and skinny people, the weights range from 10 to 12 pounds, while strong adults handle measurements from 12 to 15 pounds.


​For many, the coolest is the colors, and we will not lie to you. They are cool on the track shooting the beautiful designs.


​This is the ability of the ball to bend as it nears the end of the track to hit the correct and separate pins.


  • Pancake: Perfect for beginning players as they balance. They are placed on one side and are rectangular.
  • Symmetrical: They are more extensive and give more ability to bend and break on sliding
  • Asymmetric: Their shape does not have a pattern, and therefore they are more challenging to handle


​If you are fond of bowling, surely you will not settle for going to the bowling alley and coping with the balls that you will find there. Bowling balls for dry lanes can often be worn, damaged, dirty, of different sizes, and praying that you get just one of the weights you need. Of course, to play bowling often, it is convenient to have your own. And for this, you can check our list and get the right one!

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