Best Bowling Ball for Two Handed Bowlers

​In any Pro Bowling competitions, you can get to see bowlers using their both hands in the game. Though it's not a traditional way but it’s quite effective in most cases. I have also tried to do so using Michelin’s Storm PhysiX bowling ball recently.

While practicing the method, I have known that it is quite impossible without the right guideline and the best bowling ball for two handed bowlers.

Best Bowling Ball for Two Handed Bowlers

Best benchmark bowling balls and urethane balls are good options for following two handed technique. But having the best ball also goes in vain when you do some silly mistakes during taking the stance or throwing the ball.

I am here to show how you overcome those petty issues. Along, you can get to know about some good bowling balls in this article.

​Some bowling ball brands feature varieties in the weight of bowling balls. It helps you to pick the right bowling ball with your preferable weight that keeps you comfortable in the game.

You can use a ball for both one-handed and two handed bowling. There is no such specification depending on the usage of bowlers' hands. Nowadays, legends of this game suggest young people get a heavy ball with the standard grit level to practice two handed bowling.

So, it's not obvious that the bowling balls for this bowling technique are different from one-handed or other bowling types.

Reviews of the Best Bowling Balls

​Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball by Brunswick


This bowling ball is a great option for advanced two-handed bowlers. It perfectly rolls straight towards the lane after being thrown. As an experienced bowler, I suggest you this bowling ball. It is also a good option for beginners for its straight roll and control.

The plastic or polyester cover stock offers diverse colors that you can choose your type.

With specially designed or formulated this bowling ball, bowlers can easily rely on when they are in a pinch.

Bottom Line

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is the perfect option for shooting spares.

What I Like

  • ​The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • ​This bowling ball is perfect for the advanced, beginner, straight bowlers
  • ​This deep-space bowling ball has a glossy and shiny look that is finished with crown factory shine

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball may crack after several usages

​Storm Pitch Bowling Ball by Michelin


With extreme hooking power, this ball is surely a blessing for two-handed bowlers who put so much effort to control their bowling ball.

Specially designed capacitor core offers durability with classy matte black color that is the choice of any matte lover bowlers. I like this ball for its color and quality.

The durable and sturdy urethane cover stock of this bowling ball grips the lane effortlessly. I can see the ball can control my high shots smoothly.

This Storm Pitch Bowling ball is best for dry lane conditions. It gives me my best score so far on the dry lane.

Bottom Line

This ball is designed to control any flare potentials. The beginners can try it without worrying about anything.

What I Like

  • ​The Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball is available in five different sizes
  • ​The storm pitch has a classy black matte color
  • ​This bowing ball contains a 1000-grit pad factory finishing
  • ​The performance of this bowling ball is more smooth on any lane condition rather than aggressive

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball gets dirty soon, and you may feel troubled to clean it frequently

​Path Rising Bowling Ball by Pyramid


The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is undoubtedly a fantastic ball for beginners and entry-level performers. People who are new-bee but highly interested in bowling like me can choose it without any doubt.

​This bowling ball is super user friendly. It is very comfortable to grip or hold and easy to control too.

As this ball is available in plenty of sizes and colors, bowlers of any age can select this Pyramid Path Bowling ball. You can also gift this great bowling ball to your bowling freak friends. It's affordable.

I recommend this ball for a medium-dry lane condition for your best score. Still, I suggest this one for other lanes too.

Bottom Line

​This bowling ball is designed for long term usage, offers you a great quality of durability. There's no option to crack down in accidental drops or heaving throwing.

What I Like

  • ​The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is great for entry-level accomplishments
  • ​This bowling ball is perfect for medium-dry lane conditions
  • ​This ball finishes at 1500 grit that can easily grip the surface lane
  • ​The Path Reactive Pearl cover stock of this ball provides you an angular reaction
  • ​The perfect scale rating of this bowling ball is 181.30
  • ​This ball has a polished factory finishing for an extended length

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The pearl gloss finishing may get dull after a long time usage

​Storm PhysiX bowling ball by Michelin


The MICHELIN Storm PhysiX Bowling Ball is a great choice for two-handed bowlers. With this bowling ball, I'm sure any bowlers can knock down any amount of pin.

Newly formulated cover stocks offer great durability that any bowlers want to have it. From experience, I can say it consumes less dirt.

This bowling ball contains a smooth hook that makes bowling effortless to land the ball's inaccurate location.

The awesome dynamics ensures the perfect angular rotation of this bowling ball.

Lastly, I love the fragrance of Storm PhysiX. You don't need to do regular polishing on this ball.

Bottom Line

​This bowling ball can fantastically go through any kind of lane at any length.

What I Like

  • ​The MICHELIN Storm PhysiX Bowling Ball has a durable cover stock with awesome power and dynamics
  • ​You don't have this bowling ball pre-drilled
  • ​This bowling ball contains a smooth hook that helps the bowlers to get a perfect landing on the lane
  • ​This bowling ball smells like an apple berry crisp that surely makes you like the fragrance
  • ​This new PhysiX bowling ball contains greater mass displacement

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This Bowling ball is not a good option for straight bowlers and beginners

​Antidote Bowling Ball by Pyramid


The Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball offers you a great smooth roll at your lane. I am very pleased with the performance of this bowling ball.

The transition from hook to roll of Pyramid antidote is very fast and heavy. The movement of this ball is not predictable at all, yet gifts you your best score.

The combination of solid cover stock and symmetric core results in the perfect bowing at medium-heavy oil lane conditions. I think for two-handed bowlers, like us, can't help loving this ball.

Surprisingly, this ball offers you two years warranty which is not usually found in bowling balls.

Bottom Line

​For the earlier and stronger reaction of this bowling ball, I highly recommend this to you guys.

What I Like

  • ​The Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball offers you the best solution for medium-heavy oil lane conditions
  • ​This bowling ball has an earlier, stronger, and smoother reaction
  • ​The perfect scale rating of this bowling ball is 201.60
  • ​This bowling ball offers you a warranty for two years
  • ​It provides you a GPS navigational solid cover stock with a new era 149 symmetric core

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​You have to be careful with drilling holes position.

​Venom Shock Pearl Bowling Ball by Motiv


The Motiv Venom Shock Pearl Bowling Ball equips a predictable ball motion that helps you to achieve your desired score. When I use it, every time, this bowling ball gifts me a satisfactory result.

This bowling ball also offers you driller friendly layout possibilities. You can get your bowling ball drilled easily. 

I prefer bowling at medium oil lanes. So, I think this ball is perfect for me. If your bowling circumstances matches with mine, this ball is awesome then. Also, this ball is specially created for light-medium oil lane conditions.

Its dual-density weight block creates the most angular motion I have ever seen. It truly satisfies you with your dreamed score.

Besides, this bowling ball offers you smooth and constant rolling.

Bottom Line

​It finishes at 5500 Grit LSP that provides you a great grip and hook while throwing it.

What I Like

  • ​The Motiv Venom Shock Pearl Bowling Ball finishes at 5500 Grit LSP
  • ​This bowling ball presents you with a dual-density weight block
  • ​This bowling ball is perfectly hooking potential
  • ​It is recommended for light-medium oil lane conditions
  • ​This bowling ball features the latest Hexion cover stock
  • ​The Motiv Venom provides you dual-density structure creating more angular backend motion

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It is only available in purple pearl cover stock

​KingPin Bowling Ball by Brunswick Bowling Products


The Brunswick KingPin Bowling Ball offers you their newly formulated ECA (Enhanced Composite Adhesion) cover stock that improves your grip.

This newest KingPin bowling ball increases your power of hitting that translates into pin carry. I have found this ball as per my choice.

Again, the dynamic core with Kingpin Ultra Low RG ensures the durability. So, you can play with it for a long time like mine. 

I highly recommend this bowling ball for heavy oil lane conditions. If you are an experienced bowler, this bowling ball is made for you.

As Brunswick KingPin Bowling Ball offers you the diversity of colors, you can choose your one.

Bottom Line

​At the scale of 300 hook potentiality, KingPin helps you to increase your gaming score.

What I Like

  • ​The Brunswick KingPin Bowling Ball shows the most hooking potentiality
  • ​This bowling ball is recommended for heavy oil lane conditions
  • ​This bowling ball reacts wonderfully through the front, strong mid-lane traction, and powerful backend motion
  • ​This bowling ball is available in Black, Light Blue, and Purple Solid color

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It doesn't provide you any warranty

​What to Concern before Buying Bowling Balls for Two Handed Bowlers?

​Two-handed bowlers get some special advantages. So, they can do well with most types of bowling balls.

You can worry less and buy your desired brand's ball to practice two handed bowling. But there are some catches about this matter.

You need to know every detail about the lane where you are going to throw your ball. The required range of grit changes depending on the oil level of the lane.

Two-handed bowling might feel a bit harder. Newcomers can get sore muscles or painful back because of following the method. So, I suggest not pushing your body too much and use a bowling ball with having an acceptable weight.

How to buy the Best Bowling Ball for Two Handed Bowlers?

In the search for the best urethane bowling balls or other type balls, you can get to see hundreds of bowling balls. But to know which of them are truly good for your game, you need to have the ability to judge bowling balls.

I am now showing you some vital facts about bowling balls that I consider a lot while buying a new one.

​Cover stock:

​The cover stock is one of the most important parts of a bowling ball. Depending on the cover stock, the quality of a bowling ball is judged. However, for a two-handed bowling style, grit between 2000 and 3000 of the cover stock is ideal for high-revolution.

For advanced level players, reactive resin cover stock is best for strongest hook potentiality.

Again, for beginners, the plastic cover stock is great because of the smooth and straight rolling. There's another type of cover stock named urethane cover stock. This type has a higher hook potentiality than the plastic one.

I recommend you to pick the type according to your skill and other criteria.


​The weight of a bowling ball is really important for bowlers to consider. The most effective way for selecting the best bowling ball for you is to select that one which is not more or less than 1/10th of your body weight.

As a two-handed bowler, you can handle more weight than a traditional bowler. A two-handed bowler gets his power not only from arms but also from legs and body.

So, heavyweight balls are suitable for a two-handed bowler. Because lighter balls do not easily cover the total length of the lane.

Perfect Scale

​For two-handed bowlers, the perfect scale score of the bowling ball starts from 142 to 250. This scale is for advanced performance.

Besides, the Perfect Scale uses mathematical formulas allowing you to compare products based on hook potential. 

While comparing bowling balls, you can also get to know about some other stuff too.


​Color is another factor in buying bowling balls. Classy matte or shiny eye-catching, whatever the color type is, can attract bowlers. Again, there's another tiny fact.

Colors make the rolling difference of bowling ball. Color does affect hook potential in around 450 rd, which is quite negligible.

Bowling ball companies keep these tiny differences while manufacturing bowling balls. So, you can choose your favorite color easily but keep some points on your mind.


​Warranty of your purchased bowling ball matters a lot in the future. Companies give a warranty commitment of at least six months, should be on your purchase list. Some bowling balls can also offer you a warranty for two years. It's all now up to you.  

​Tips to Improve Two Handed Bowling Technique for New Learners

Many professional bowlers are now changing their techniques and trying to adapt the two handed bowling. But when you change your way of bowling, you might face some difficulties. You can even make blunders in basics. I have recently tried two handed bowling. I find it a bit difficult at first. But it is quite easy after practicing a couple of times. 

The fact is, you don't need to push your body to generate lots of power in this technique of the game. Proper stance, approach, and throw automatically make the bowl perform better. So, I am giving you some advice that can help to take a proper stance, approach to the line, and throw the ball well here in this section of the article.


​While taking the stance, you need to keep your knees, ankles, waist enough flexible. Otherwise, you can have muscle stretching issues after the game.

You can also keep your spine tilt forward for almost 12 degrees if you want some pace in your approach.


​You can follow any of the gripping styles suggested by pro bowlers. The use of thumbs makes lots of difference.

So, be sure whether your gripping is perfect or not. Apart, as you are going to use both of your hands, the ball's weight should be divided between your hands.

​Approach and Release

​I have never seen anyone take more than 6 or 7 steps in the approach. The number of steps depends on your body physique. You can take the first couple of steps slower than the rest of the steps to make your body engaged.

Meanwhile, you need to bend your body a bit more every time you take a new step. Before sliding or the final step, your spine should not bend more than 80 degrees for the release.


The type of your ball puts the major effects on the scorecard of the game. That is why I want you to get the right option to have a good impact on bowling no matter what type of bowler you are.

I hope you get a good bowling ball for your next game through today's discussion.

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