Best Bowling Balls – Buyer’s Guide

​Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

​Motiv’s Alpha jackal bowling ball

​Hammer Statement Solid Bowling Ball

​Tired of looking for the best bowling balls? I know how hard it is to get the right type of bowling ball among so many fake and junk products in the markets and online sites. That is why I have been thinking of why not share my experience and help you have a nice bowling ball for the betterment? 

In this article, I have nominated the top ten bowling balls to review, depending on my experience and experts' opinions. But I think showing you top-notch bowling balls doesn't finish my job. And so, I am willing to tell you how you can get the best option, including the right type maintenance for the longevity of bowling balls.

What are the Best Bowling Balls?

In simple words, Best bowling balls are those which can bring you a good score average after every game. Such bowling balls can give you the best service for many seasons. You can also expect them to be controllable so that you can show your best in every game. And to be honest these bowling balls have the capability of performing anywhere according to your demand that makes the best options.

Bowling Ball Reviews of Top Options

There are several types of bowlers with various skill rates and techniques. Because of this, I can't consider only one model to be the best in the market. So, I have decided to show you the best options for each type of bowlers and bowling methods.

​Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball from Brunswick- Best Bowling Ball for Beginners

If you are eager to start your bowling career or learn bowling properly, then nothing is better than Brunswick's Tzone bowling ball. It has only basic features that allow you to bowl properly, even if you are not an expert. The main feature of this bowling ball is the controlled and comparatively less hook potential. It helps a newbie to score more in most lane conditions. 

The Tzone bowling ball has various cover stocks with different and catchy color pattern. The Bowling ball features you polyester material in the cover stock. Such a cover stock helps to go straight. It also helps to learn accuracy.

The ball can perform in several games without any type of cleaning. The polyester material doesn't catch too much oil from a lane. The finish is the main reason for such a feature. So, you don't have to worry about polishing or baking frequently.

​The bowling ball can generate power to go straight and hit pins harder.


  • ​The effective polyester cover stock helps beginners to score a lot
  • ​There varieties in the color pattern of this bowling ball
  • ​The Tzone bowling ball can attack lanes powerfully
  • ​The finishing allows the bowling ball to perform even on heavy oil lane conditions
  • ​The core helps the bowling ball to hold the power till the end


  • ​Like other plastic cover stocks, the bowling ball doesn't feature durability at all

​Motiv’s Alpha jackal bowling ball- ​Best Hooking Bowling Ball

This ball features you the best reliable hook potential cover stock in the current market. The Alpha jackal has a rock solid construction that can please you in most types of lane conditions. For a pro bowler, this bowling ball is a good option to keep a good score average till the end of the season. 

The bowling ball does great in heavy oil lanes. You can have enough hooking from this ball.  However, the ball is pretty much controllable. A normal hook bowler can also use this product without making any blunder. The combination of power generating and wild hooking makes this bowling ball on of the best.

The weight blocking mechanism makes this ball dominating on lanes. The asymmetric core helps the ball cross extended lengths with ease. The latest construction of this bowling ball is capable of providing traction according to make bowling look quite easier.

The reactive cover stock of the jackal bowling ball is pretty durable and effective for a long time.


  • ​The sturdy cover stock helps to bowl even in heavy oil lane conditions
  • ​The 2000 abalone grit finishing makes the ball hook enough to score high
  • ​The asymmetrical core inside this bowling ball is effective for weight blocking
  • ​The cover stock also features enough amount of traction to ease your game


  • ​Intermediate bowlers can also fail to control the hooking of this bowling ball

Statement Solid Bowling Ball by Hammer ​- ​​Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil Lanes

Most of the bowling balls nowadays fail to perform in heavy oil lanes. But this one from Hammer brings the best outcome in oily conditions. The simple but effective construction of this bowling ball lets you do better in any type of pro leagues without causing you any sorts of trouble. 

The durable reaction feature of this bowling ball helps you to attack heavy oil layers on the lane. The durable cover stock has a fine finishing that can absorb oil to make the bowling ball react when it is necessary. You can use this bowling ball with any type of bowling technique you follow. 

Another feature of this bowling ball's cover stock is the back-end reaction. It increases the productivity of this bowling ball. Apart, you get several color options for the cover stock. This bowling ball is also available in three different weights. So, you can pick the right weight to enjoy bowling.

​Though it is a good option for heavy oil lane conditions, you can use it on every lane for a good score average.


  • ​The flare potentiality lets you attack oil layers on the lane to perform better.
  • ​The statement core helps the construction to cross the length with enough aggression
  • ​The CFI cover stock is easily controllable
  • ​This bowling ball also features the necessary reaction to hit the pins precisely
  • ​You can also expect this bowling ball to react even at the last moment in the lane


  • ​The color combinations of the cover stock might seem odd a bit

​Brunswick’s Rhino Bowling Ball ​- ​Best Bowling Ball for Dry Lanes

For the most uncomfortable lane conditions, this bowling ball is the right choice to attack according to my experience. I have found this bowling ball doing great without any support from the lane conditions. So, this Brunswick bowling ball is the best bowling ball for beginner to intermediate level players. 

This is another right choice for straight bowlers. Even pro bowlers can use it to bowl straight or use it as a spare. The bowling ball construction can produce enough power for you to score better. When the lane doesn't cooperate, the core pushes the construction itself to cross the length aggressively. 

Quality materials also make this product enough durable. So, you can use this bowling ball for consecutive seasons without losing its actual facilities. 

The cover stock becomes reactive when it crosses drier parts of a lane. You can also expect this cover stock to help you in being accurate. But still, the bowling ball does great in medium oil lane conditions along with featuring you controllable actions. You can expect a bit of hook in drier conditions from this bowling ball.

​The symmetrical core inside this bowling ball helps to generate lots of power while attacking the drier lanes.


  • ​The bowling is a good choice for most type of bowlers
  • ​The R-16 cover stock is a bit reactive and helps the bowling ball to cross extended lengths
  • ​The bowling ball also has the capability of generating enough amount of power while crossing drier lane parts
  • ​A little bit of hooking ability lets you attack the mid-oil lane conditions
  • ​The bowling ball comes with a solid cover stock, and you can do the drilling


  • ​The bowling ball loses its control when you use it to attack lanes with heavier oil layers

​​Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball from MICHELIN ​- ​Best Bowling Ball for Curve

This is another bowling ball for those who use the hooking method mainly in their games. This Storm bowling ball is very reactive to help you smoothly finish a game in any lane condition. You can use this product without any issues if you have professional level skills in bowling.

The power generation of this durable construction is pleasing. The superb adaptability of this bowling ball ensures you stay top of your game. The back-end reactive nature gives you accuracy and preciseness. 

The endurance of this cover stock can put some positive impacts on the performance. The cover stock can adapt the friction while rolling on lanes. The absorption feature can let the ball pass through heavy oil lanes.

The catalyst core pushes the ball to attack most lane conditions powerfully. This core is durable and ensures the bowling ball performs the same for several seasons. The asymmetrical structure helps the whole construction to grab the middle of the lane. It also means that you can bowl with this ball using any method.

The shine of this bowling ball lasts quite a long time. You don't have to use polish on it frequently.


  • ​The bowling ball helps you to hit pins precisely
  • ​The construction is suitable for most oily lanes
  • ​This bowling ball has a pleasant odor that lasts longer
  • ​The asymmetrical core inside helps the bowling ball feature vital curves
  • ​The Solid reactive cover stock has 200 grit abalone finish to absorb oil pretty well


  • ​An intermediate bowler finds this bowling ball difficult to control

​ Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball from MICHELIN ​- ​​Best Urethane Bowling Ball

This bowling ball has one of the best modern-day cover stocks that provide you the latest features. The bowling ball is durable, and you can use it regularly. Even intermediate bowlers can try this bowling ball if they want to perform like pro bowlers. 

The cover stock is the main attraction of this bowling ball. It has 1000 grit abalone finish that grabs the lane pretty well. Because of this, you can expect the bowling ball to create the necessary amount of friction for reactions. 

You have the facility to control this solid urethane cover stock with ease. You can use this bowling ball to attack dry and medium oil lane conditions. 

The updated capacitor core has a symmetrical structure. It forces the bowling ball to react well. The early reaction also comes from this superb core. 

You can also use this bowling ball for straight bowling methods. As it works fin on dry lane conditions, an amateur can also use it to practice bowling.

The bowling ball has a higher RG rate, unlike other normal urethane bowling balls in the market.


  • ​This handy bowling ball can work in dry to medium oil lane conditions
  • ​Every type of reaction from this bowling ball cover stock is nice and precise
  • ​The capacitor core features you firm controllability
  • ​The 1000 grit abalone finish is enough to create the necessary friction for curves
  • ​This bowling comes in five different weights


  • ​The bowling ball is not a good option for heavy oil lane conditions

Some Other Popular Mentions

​Apart from all those top-class bowling balls, some other balls are quite popular among the bowling community for years. It is time to show such bowling balls. These bowling balls also can reach your satisfactory level and bring enjoyment in your game.

​Path Rising Bowling Ball from Pyramid

Pyramid path rising bowling ball is one of those balls that can please a user in any type of bowling. The construction and color pattern of this bowling ball makes it one of the favorite options for intermediate and pro bowlers. Many legendary bowlers have also used it as spare options. 

There are varieties in the size and weight of this bowling ball. Eight different color patterns are available for this bowling ball. Apart, you can also pick your desired weight to comfortably do the bowling. 

The hook potentiality of this might not be too much for professional hook bowlers. But the range it features is quite eligible for most conditions. The hooking ability surely helps you to hit pins more than usual times. 

The 1500 grit polish of this bowling ball stays effective for quite a long time. You can even use it on semi-dry lane conditions too. Moreover, the reactions from this bowling ball help hold the lane pretty well and accurately hit pins without any blunder. 

​The flare potential range of this bowling ball is almost around 3". It increases the effectiveness of various bowling methods.


  • ​The bowling ball features you late and last moment reaction capability for the better result
  • ​The cover stock of this bowling ball doesn't come drilled and the lets bowler according to fingers' alignment
  • ​It is the best option to get enough reaction on dry lane conditions
  • ​The actual shine of this bowling ball lasts for many seasons
  • ​The 1500 abalone grit finish makes the bowling ball dominate even on medium oil lane conditions


  • ​You need to use polish liquid frequently to maintain the finishing well

​Maxim Bowling Ball by Ebonite

This bowling ball is also a common choice for bowlers who have just recently started playing. If you are willing to learn competitive bowling and have a tight budget, then this is the best option for you. 

Ebonite is one of the oldest brands that produce simple bowling balls at a reasonable price. The construction of this bowling ball allows a user to control it without working too hard. That is why you can practice different methods of bowling using this handy bowling ball. 

The pancake core of this bowling ball lets it generate enough power. The power pushes the whole ball to roll well and cross the necessary distance. Besides, this core also puts some positive impact on durability.

The bowling ball is also an ideal option for its less hook potentiality. But still, you can use the low range of hook potentiality to attack medium oil lane conditions.

​ The polyester cover stock can help the bowling ball go through the middle of the lane with ease.


  • ​Unlike other plastic bowling balls, Ebonite Maxim doesn't get any cracks so easily
  • ​The pancake core helps the bowling ball to cover even extended length without any extra effort
  • ​The bowling ball is perfect for spare shooting
  • ​You can use any type of bowling technique to throw this bowling ball


  • ​The bowling ball cover stock contains polyester, and so, it loses its polishing too early

​White Dot Bowling Ball from Bowlerstore Products

​This bowling ball does great for both light bowlers and heavy bowlers. Several weight options allow you to pick one according to your comfort. Also, the bowling ball has a simple construction that features almost every type of facility for a bowler to attack several lane conditions.

Intermediate players can consider this as a good spare, and beginners can use this to practice straight shooting in any situation. There are necessary features to generate power after your throw to hit pins harder. And you can even expect it to react depending on the lane condition.

The bowling ball cover stock is not pre-drilled. That is why you can do the drilling job according to your hand's alignment. So, a beginner can easily hold the bowling ball and fix the approach with throwing without hustling. The shine of this bowling ball is quite durable and lasts for a few seasons if you polish it regularly.

​This bowling ball is controllable. So, you can use it even on some rough bowling lane conditions too.


  • ​To learn the bowling well, you can use this bowling ball without any doubt
  • ​You can also keep it as a spare option if you are already good at bowling
  • ​You can use this bowling ball on medium fry to medium oil lane conditions
  • ​The core of the bowling ball helps it to cross even extended lengths


  • ​The plastic cover stock is not durable at all

​Storm Code Red Bowling Ball ​

If you are looking for a bowling ball with less but effective features, then this is the right one. This is one of the latest models from MICHELIN. You don't have to regret after spending money on getting this bowling ball. 

Like every other Storm bowling ball model, this one also has some common signature features. The cover stock has a catchy and bright color pattern. It also has a good fragrance. These days, cover stock with a pleasing odor is rare to get. 

The finishing of this bowling ball is not shiny. Yet, the dull finish helps the bowling ball to roll precisely on your preferred lane conditions.


The 1500 grit abalone cover stock also features some vital reactions. Though reactions here depend on the lane condition, you can be sure about the cover stock to react in a limit for the better result. 

You can also control the bowling ball without facing any trouble. As the hook potentiality and RG level are enough balanced, aggression is also limited. That is why most types of bowlers can use this bowling ball.

The bowling ball doesn't come drilled. You can make holes from a shop to ensure your hand's full comfort.

​The manufacturer claims the ball to work on every type of lane. But I have found out the ball most aggressive on medium to heavy oil lane conditions.


  • ​You can find RAD 4 cover inside the code red bowling ball
  • ​The dull finishing features enough tackiness for most oil lane conditions
  • ​The balanced grit level also features a good range of hooking for a bowler
  • ​The reactive cover stock reacts well, depending on the oil conditions of the lane


  • ​The bowling ball is less durable than other Storm models available in the market

What to Concern before Buying the Top Bowling Balls?

​There are some basic considerations to think before you pick a bowling ball from the market. The personal criteria of players are different from one another. So, here I am letting you know about those common things only and let you decide which one you need to buy.

​The Budget

​There are many types of thoughts and opinions regarding how healthy a bowler's budget should be for buying a bowling ball. I have gone through several stores and online platforms in recent times. My opinion is to keep your budget around 120 to 150 dollars. Anything less than the range leads you to a junk product most of the time.

​Weight Measurement 

​The modern textbooks of bowling tell you to buy a bowling ball that weighs around 1/10th of your body weight. But you can buy something a bit heavier or lighter than 10% of your weight. It depends on your comfort and bowling action. However, it is not wrong to buy something more or less of the range.

​Lane Conditions

It is a pretty critical issue to consider. Lots of things depend on this matter. Bowlers rarely bowl on dry lane conditions. It doesn't cooperate with bowlers at all. You can use a bowling ball with a less grit abalone range here. Heavier bowling balls do great here. A core that can generate power well and go in a straight line is perfect for this lane condition. 

Medium-dry to medium oil lane conditions are pretty common these days. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical cores do a great job on this lane. You can buy a bowling ball with almost 1500 grit abalone for this type of lane. 

Only experts can play on heavy oil lane conditions. That is why bowling balls with advanced construction and features get to do well here. You have to use a very reactive and well-polished bowling ball in this condition.

​Your Skill

Buying a bowling ball depending on skills and experience is mandatory. I can categorize the experience level into three sections; beginner, intermediate, and expert. 

For beginners, a polyester bowling ball with basic features can be perfect for the first few games. But after some time, the bowler needs to practice using a bowling ball with a little bit of reaction. 

Intermediate bowlers can control a bowling ball with less hook potentiality. The bowler also needs to use something that can feature at least a back-end reaction in the lanes. 

An expert who has vast experience needs to have a ball with a good flare rate, high hook potentiality, and strong late reaction. Pro bowling balls have a higher range of momentum that normal players can't control.

​Your Bowling Technique

For two-handed bowlers, I think heavy bowling balls also work fine. Single-handed bowlers should buy bowling ball almost balanced with the body weight. 

Hook bowlers need to pick those which are pretty reactive and with higher grit abalone range.

Straight bowlers must have bowling balls a bit heavier than the ratio, and those bowling balls should have a great grab on the lanes too.

How to Buy the Best Bowling Balls?

​This is a buying guide that you can go through to know what you need to look for in a bowling ball. The discussion also clarifies your thought about an ideal bowling ball. So, I guess you can follow this guide to get a good bowling ball quickly.

​Cover Stock

There are categories and sub-categories of cover stocks. But it is not necessary to describe each. I am mentioning the important names here. 

Urethane cover stocks are pretty durable with a balanced hook potentiality and flare rate. You can use it mostly on medium oil to dry lane conditions for the best result. 

Reactive resin bowling balls are for those who need lots of reaction on the lane. Though such bowling balls are less durable than even average plastic balls, experts suggest them for the better sore average.

The particle type is the latest form available in the market. It has the great ability to absorb oil and attack any oily lane conditions without hustling. Particle cover stocks might be more durable than reactive resin, but they are hard to control.


​Reaction and hooking mainly depend on the finishing quality of the cover stock. I prefer you should consider anything around 1500 grit abalone as an ideal finishing.


There are three types of core in the market. The oldest of them is the pancake core. This core is for those who are beginner level bowlers. Such core can't bring you good results on pro bowling. 

Symmetrical and asymmetrical cores are for advanced bowling. These types can help bowling balls to create necessary weight blocking, RG, hook, and reaction. 

Between these two bowling ball cores, I have felt that the symmetrical core is more reliable and controllable. A new bowler can also try it to develop skills for becoming a master of bowling.

​Finger Holes

​Few bowling balls come pre-drilled. And few others come in a plain cover stock. Experts always suggest trying to buy a plain cover stock. Because if you can make holes according to your fingers' alignment, you can hold the ball pretty easily for throwing. But you are allowed to buy pre-drilled bowling balls when you find those balls easy to grab.


​Many might ignore the warranty fact. But you should be clever while buying a bowling ball and that is why you must pick one that has at least a year of warranty.

How to Clean Your Bowling Balls?

Well, I already said that buying a good type of bowling ball ends the job for neither you nor me. You need to keep the maintenance fact in your mind too. The major part of the maintenance is cleaning and polishing. Many beginner bowlers don't know how and why you have to do the cleaning. Because of this, they end up making their bowling balls less productive. 

You can find various types of bowling balls in the market. Each type has a different construction for different styles and games. But the common thing is you can clean every bowling ball in the same way that pro bowlers use. In this section, I let you know about everything about the cleaning process of a bowling ball.

Why You Need to Clean Your Bowling Ball

It is a good job if you have found a durable bowling ball. But many new bowlers complain that their balls are not reacting the way they should after dozens of games. It is because your bowling ball can get lots of oil and other particles on the cover stock. And that is why the grit ratio doesn't stay the same. The only way to bring back the effectiveness of the cover stock is to let the ball go through a good cleaning process. 

Bowling balls that attack medium or heavy oil lane conditions need to be cleaned frequently. Besides, after 60 or 80 games, your balls lose the tackiness to perform better. 

Cleaning eliminates oil and dirt from the cover stock surface. If you don't clean your bowling ball for quite a long time, the oil on the cover stock can change the behavior of the construction.

When You have to Clean Your Bowling Ball

Cleaning is a mandatory job that you need to do after a certain time. But often bowlers fail to understand why they need to do the cleaning. They end up cleaning their bowling balls almost after every 20 or 25 games through the deep clean system. This makes the situation worse. It puts a negative impact on the longevity of the bowling balls. 

Here, the lane conditions matter a lot. When you play on a lane where oil is present to put some impact, you need to use a cleaning solution every time at least after 4 or 5 games. You can follow the deep cleaning process after 50 to 55 games. 

But when you play on a dry lane condition, you can even do the baking of the bowling ball after 60 to 65 games. You can use polish or cleaner after at least 10 to 15 games if you want. 

But here is a catch. You cannot use any solution, alcohol, or polish on your bowling ball while you are on a game. Using any liquid on a bowling ball during a match is against the international rules of bowling.

Methods to Clean Bowling Balls

Mainly, there are three types of cleaning. The first one is by only using a micro-fiber towel. You can use your bowling towel to clean the cover stock after every shot. Using the towel between two shots is legal in any country. 

The second type of cleaning needs a cleaning solution. You can finish a few games and use a ready-made cleaner to rub the cover stock with the towel. Nowadays, there are few ways to make a cleaning solution at home. You can try those to make a cleaner in a tight budget. But I think using a cleaner from a renowned brand is quite reliable. 

The third one is the real type of cleaning, according to experts. It is known as the deep cleaning method. You can also call it baking. You can follow the process at home if you have all the necessary equipment. You can also seek help from nearby bowling shops to bring back the good condition of your bowling ball.

Bowling Ball Deep Cleaning

If you have made up your mind to deep clean your bowling ball at your home, you need to do some preparations first. You have to gather the necessary stuff to do the process. You only need a waterproof tape, a micro-fiber towel, and a large bowl.

Before starting the process, you must cover the finger holes using the waterproof tape. Then, make sure there are no cracks on the cover stock. 

After covering all the holes, you now have to put fill the bowl with enough amount of hot water. The ideal temperature of the water here is almost 140 degrees Fahrenheit and a bit above. There is a possibility of the bowl getting cracked because of the high temperature. So, be careful while picking a bowl for the process. 

The bowl should be filled with enough amount of water so that your ball gets sunk. Slowly, leave the bowling ball in the hot water. Then, you have to spin your bowling ball every time after 3 to 4 minutes. 

The hot water forces oil inside the cover stock to come out and float. But if you want, you can add 2 or 3 drops of the liquid dishwasher to eliminate the oil. 

There is no need of keeping your bowling ball in the hot water for more than 20 minutes. You have to rub the bowling ball with a fresh and dry micro-fiber towel after taking out of water. After all these, remove the tape pieces from the cover stock to start using your bowling ball again.

How to Make Bowling Ball Cleaning Solution at Home?

I don't find a homemade liquid cleaner too effective. But still, few players prefer such a thing. That is why I am showing the common way to make a solution at home when you don't have enough money to buy one from the market. 

You have to collect an all-purpose cleaner formula from any brand, isopropanol or rubbing alcohol, and water. Put these three ingredients in a container and mix them well. The ration of these liquids should be 1:1:1 in the mixture. 

After mixing, put the solution in a squeeze or sprayer bottle for easy usage. The solution may help you almost the same as other branded cleaners.

Pro Shops

Going to a nearby prop shop and hiring an expert is always a better idea. But such a decision takes some money. So, going to a pro shop becomes impossible sometimes. However, I don't think nothing can help you more than a pro shop. 

A pro shop has strong spinners and a precise heat system that can fully clear oil from cover stock. The baking system of the pro shop saves your time too. 

Moreover, an expert in a pro shop can also fix the covert stock of your bowling ball. Your ball can get the actual grit level through the necessary polishing from the pro shop. You can also go to your nearest pro shop to change the grit level, depending on the surface you are going to attack next. Even though having services from the pro shop cost you some money, I suggest take your bowling balls there for longevity and better outcomes.


​Today, I have tried to show you products from the best bowling ball brands with their vital features in the main discussion. I hope you have got to know which bowling ball you must buy for ending the season well. My final suggestion for you is to buy something that not only helps you to gain high scores but also lets you develop your skills.