Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil

​​Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball

​​MICHELIN Storm PhysiX

​​Motiv Trident Abyss Bowling Ball Gray

If you are searching for the best bowling ball for heavy oil, you can easily find some listed brands and models through this article. This article will lead you to choose the right option for the best bowling ball for oily lanes.

Bowling balls for heavy oil are often manufactured from mid-performance to the highest performance bowling balls in today’s market. These high-performance balls follow the greatest degrees of modern technology, and they create a great deal of traction on the lane surface. Let’s read out this article on best storm heavy oil bowling balls and increase your success rate.

Quality bowling balls are hard to find nowadays. You can get confused by seeing so many options available at the bowling stores. It is hard to find which one is real and which one is fake.

There are many types of bowling balls, but all are not the same, obviously. If a ball is good for dry bowling, maybe that is not as good for heavy oil. So, for putting a better performance on the court, it is always vital to choose the right ball for yourself.

We suggest you purchase a Storm !Q Tour Emerald, and hopefully, you will be really happy with it. You don’t have to throw it in almost any condition, but the heaviest of oils, and as you need, it is super flippy when it finds friction. You will love it. Now we suggest a heavy oil ball in the Storm or Roto Grip family, as they are easier to find. There could be a debate between the RG Idol (Sym), RH Halo (Asym), Storm Crux Prime (Asym), or Storm Phase II (Sym). We would love to suggest any of them if you can only afford one heavy oil ball.

As we are suggesting for bowling ball for heavy oil so that you can differentiate the balls between dry bowling and oil bowling easily. If you were to take a dry bowling ball, when you started your journey, now you play in heavy oil. Then, you would probably need to buy a new one, and that will give you an enormous benefit over a long time.

​​Best Bowling Ball for Heavy Oil - Reviews

​Bowling is always a popular pastime sport among people. Likewise, all other game bowling game is becoming more competitive day by day. People look for the best bowling for heavy oil in the market. It is almost impossible to bowl with a regular ball in the heavy oil lane.

​Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball


​In case of durability and massive hitting power Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball, White Solid, Size 15 offers thicker urethane cover stock for its user. Moreover, for enhancing the hooking power, the traction additive in white pigment plays a vital role. It is almost impossible to enhance the hooking power without the traction additive.

In addition, as the ball is uniquely designed that it offers high-density asymmetric cores to compensate for the dynamic of the cores. Thus it compensates the weight of the ball, likewise the potential of hooking. Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball has the extreme power to hit hard and angular precision fantastically in heavy oil. It is not too heavy or too light in weight; shipping weight is 15.8 pounds.

What I Like

  • ​It has a firm reactive cover stock of ECA-XR that reads heavy oil none but like a book. It initially reacts with a strong angular hook
  • ​Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball adds an extra bit of oomph because it has quantum mushroom asymmetrical core. It has an ability to store and dislocate early lane energy for backend reaction
  • ​This is one of the greatest and effective hooks potential for heavy oil bowling so far we have experienced
  • ​Its body materials are solid and well built
  • ​It fits well for the skilled player

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It is hard to control for beginners
  • ​It is not a good option for medial oil lanes

​MICHELIN Storm PhysiX


The MICHELIN storm is one of the most impressive pins crashes in heavy oil bowling balls you are ever going to witness. It has great intensity in the mid lane and on the back end. If you want to be captivated by your hook, shot off, and need an angular late friction reaction, then this is the best possible option for you. It is available in different colors like red, blue and purple, etc. Atomic core MICHELIN storm has NRG Hybrid Reactive cover stock. One of the most prominent features in this storm PhysiX is its smooth breakpoint reaction. It’s worth adding addition to the bowling line without any doubt. 

It presages huge things but not a quite game changer. It sometimes comes as if it came to tweak its formula. What it does well. 

If you dream of performing with storm’s cache bowling balls, then MICHELIN storm PhysiX is a wise choice for sure. With atomic asymmetrical core, this ball has a very wide depth of reactivity as well as nuance. It has very smooth but powerful reactions just because of its NRG Hybrid reactive cover. 

What I Like

  • ​It has heavily-reactive hook monsters
  • ​You can differentiate it easily from other balls in the premier line
  • ​It is unstoppable especially in fresh oil
  • ​It plays smooth because it has NRG hybrid reactive cover stock
  • ​It reacts well in medium and low oil patterns

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It tends to slower down the lane
  • ​It can polarize many bowlers due to its smooth reaction at the breakpoint

​Motiv Trident Abyss Bowling Ball Gray


The Motiv Trident Abyss is well known from bringing pressure to the competition. You cannot bring this type of pressure by any depth of oil. In association with Turbulent asymmetric core, the Trident line explores into the darkest of waters. It is all eligible for creating a strong motion with an earlier read, it allows itself to confine into the oil and ignoring how much oil is in its way.

Motiv Trident Abyss is finished at 2000 Gift Abralon, and it features the coercion Hv3 reactive cover stock. Experts recommend this ball for heavy oil lane conditions especially.

This high-performance ball from Motiv is the newest in addition. For the heavy volume line up, this ball became one of the best options for the bowlers. This new Trident Abyss is the same as the past two Trident releases as they offer low RG and high differential Turbulent asymmetrical block. The difference is made in reactive cover; it offers Coercion HV3. This ball is different for some other reasons like it provides plenty of hooks for your heavy oil test pattern. It allows you to play over the fresh lane because it is strong enough.

What I Like

  • ​Its cover stock is so strong
  • ​This ball is able to create a shape
  • ​It provides aggressive reading lanes front to back
  • ​It is suitable for lower as well as higher level of oil condition
  • ​It provides a huge amount of traction while going through the oil pattern

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It is better suited players with higher ball speed

​Storm Timeless Bowling Ball- Blue/Platinum/Black


​This bowling ball is timeless that means it does not get affected by the passage of time. The first thing you are going to notice when you hold timeless is this a statement piece. Once your hands wrap around the ball, the cover stock R2S hybrid wants to storm. It is the most successful cover stocks of all time. You are going to feel the tackiness knowing that once that ball hits the lane, it’s going to grab the friction at the exact moment it needs to give you the absolute perfect angle of entry into the pocket.

The pins have no chance, and the performance is going to seeing time and time every single time you throw this ball. This is why the ball is timeless. The storm is created, and a new line is called the signature series to fit the timeless in no longer you have to go by ideas and differentials; now, you are governed by the movement of the ball. The technology in timeless is unprecedented. It is innovative and unique. You are going to see the most powerful symmetrical blocks mixed with the most successful cover stock. All are wrapped into one bowling ball. 

What I Like

  • ​It offers Dual-Drive core
  • ​It has R2S cover stock
  • ​It features three gorgeous color variants
  • ​It provides superb hook potential
  • ​Suits well for expert players
  • ​It offers a unique feature of citrusy aroma

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It is designed for only hook shots

​Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball


In the heaviest condition, this ball works best and destroys all to conquer. It features the micro Trax s18 cover stock, which is also the same cover that on the idol; both have the nanotechnology, so the cover stock is very strong. Cover features in this ball are ball through with a new weight block in the Centrum core if you look at the core design. It is kind of similar to the cell numbers and a 15 pound ball to 4905.

Along with a top line pricing, the Roto Grip Halo is aggressive and firm enough for bowling. We found this ball quite useful on THS for mid and high level oil lanes. This ball is capable of generating as well as backend move. 

​The Roto Grip Halo offers a huge ball, smooth mid lane, and strong asymmetric core. This exactly what an expert player looks for. In spite of its firmness, we see many house bowlers find this ball quite useful. This is surely at the tip end with the more complex bags. We suggest you for using it on a higher volume and longer sports patterns. A ball with a strong transition will make it a lot of bags in the end. The Halo pours those shoes beautifully.

What I Like

  • ​It offers eye catching color combination
  • ​​ Super strong ball
  • ​It has a great hook
  • ​Ideal for well-oiled lanes
  • ​It provides asymmetrical core
  • ​It has one of the best MicrotTax S-18 cover stocks

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It could bring some hustles for the beginners
  • ​It is not ideal for a straight launch

​Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball


The Hammer scandal is offering original scandal, and more you love about. It provides the Semtex Hybrid CFI cover stock and an aggressive mid-lane or continuous backend Reaction. This cover stock is finished; likewise, the original scandal. In addition to the mid-lane motion, you will get more pop on the backend. 

As you know, Hammer’s CFI cover stock was first used in the original scandal. This time it is in a reactive hybrid form, but the core design is the same; symmetrical. There is a short gap for this core shape when asymmetrical weight blocks from the Rip’Ds. The cover stock of this ball is infused with the carbon fiber. This is one of the reasons for making this ball more aggressive and durable in the bowling market right now. Hammer scandal can hold the energy through the lane; this attribute makes it more attractive. Before making a detonating, it spends a little on the down-lane. 

Its aggressive cover with comparatively low RG (2.48”) and weight of 14.8 pounds makes it a desirable choice for heavy oil lanes.

What I Like

  • ​Hammer scandal’s Hybrid CFI reactive cover stock is one of the most angular reactivity you are going to experience
  • ​It has a great backend finish
  • ​S bowling ball can retain and transfer energy fantastically
  • ​It is aggressive and strong
  • ​It does not react too much on oil patterns

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It would be difficult for the low-speed bowlers
  • ​Hammer scandal can be a bit of clunky on transitional oil patterns

​Brunswick Kingpin Rule 15 lbs


For fighting against heavy oil lanes it the possible best option for the players who play aggressively. It provides a very good hook potential and a great reactive cover stock. It offers an asymmetric core and gives you downward lane continuation with a very strong arcing motion. These things make it great for heavy oil lanes. While it works great for both longer and heavier patterns and has an outstanding hook potential, we suggest you to consider it if you are searching balls for heavy oil lanes.

This ball features Kingpin Ultra Low RG and RG Differential (0.055). It meets the needs of different types of players. Generally beginners look for the best hook potential and it provides this the best. It does with an asymmetrical core along with ECA (enhanced composite adhesion) cover stock. It becomes a high performance ball because of its overall design that works best in the heaviest oil conditions. This ball has an unbelievable power of clearing front with a great angular motion. As a whole, it is a great ball for who is interested in investing in a multifunctional bowling ball.

What I Like

  • ​It has Ultra-low RG Core
  • ​It offers fairly decent hook potential and it’s controllable
  • ​It can retain energy quickly
  • ​It has an exciting power of backend motion
  • ​It performs excellently on heavy oil lanes
  • ​It is a display of amazing balance between ball control and power

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It is not good for low volume patterns

​What to Consider Before Buying Best Pro Bowling Ball

​If you are going to purchase a bowling ball for the first time then it is very important for you to consider some factors before making the final purchase decision. Don’t purchase a ball that catches your eyes at the first time. Bowling ball is not like cookies that you are going to buy it more often. Try to make a wise decision so that you can use it for a while. You have to be specific first. Is this ball for heavy oil or dry lane? 

That means what criteria your lane meets up. You will find a lot of balls of different weights. Try for the comfortable weight ball that won’t fatigue your arm. Then, you should look for different brands. Ask your friend if it is necessary. After selecting a certain brand, then choose the color which matches your weight criteria. And finally make your purchase decision and have the holes drilled out. You can monogram your name or anything on your ball you like to have.

​​How to Choose the Best Reactive Bowling Ball ?

​When it comes to finding the perfect bowling ball you need to take several things into your consideration. We will discuss those and show you in some steps.


​If the ball is too heavy or too light in weight then you might be struggling with your natural performance. This is one of the most important factors while someone is choosing a bowling ball. Balance is always vital. Proper ball weight can bring the best performance from you.

Here is a popular method to determine the perfect weight. It is, every 10 pounds of your body weight you can take 1 pound. For example, if you are 130- pounds then you should choose a ball which is around 13-14 pounds. Proper weight of balls is necessary because it helps you to be balanced all the time.

​Cover Stock

​Cover stock is not just for good looking. Many of us forget the importance of cover stock while we consider it as just something for good looking. What amount of hook you will get is determined by the cover stock. The cover stocks are made of plastic commonly. You should think of a tire in mind because different tires have different read and eventually that lead to different amount of friction in the lane.

Urethane cover stocks are little more expensive but these provide more frictions in the lane. If you try to hit the pins from an angle then Urethane is the best option for you. Professional bowlers possess different bowling balls as this will compensate for different lane conditions.

​Reactive Resin

​After looking into the weight and cover stock you should focus on reactive resin. 

This is associated with design of the bowling ball. There are some options like solid, pearl and hybrid reactive resin cover stocks. You have to choose among them. Solid reactive resin creates more friction on oily lanes while pearl offers less friction.

And hybrid comes as a mixture of both solid and pearl. So choosing the right reactive resin depends on what type of game you play. If you are a beginner then we suggest for solid reactive resin cover stock. 


Bowling is a pass time and a fun game. People spend their time playing this game that could light up their mood. Selecting a bowling ball is always difficult if you are a beginner. There are several kinds of lanes for bowling ball and right ball has a great impact on your performance. We have tried to sum up some vital things for you in this article. Hope it helps you.

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