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I have seen lots of bowlers who negotiate the matter, cleaning or polishing their bowling balls. Because of this, they get negative impacts on their performance. To do better in bowling, you need to have your bowling ball in good condition. And for this, I think, there is no better option than polishing your balls. But there is a catch. Bowlers, who find the cleaning important, usually spend money in hiring an expert to polish their bowling balls as they fail to get the best bowling ball polish. 

I have some experience of hiring experts to clean my bowling balls. But in recent times, I am doing it myself with the help of Michelin’s Storm Reacta Foam bowling ball cleaner. I find investing to hire an expert is a waste of money as I can also get the same result by putting in some effort. But as I have said earlier, finding a good polish is like almost cracking a hard nut. It is because of fake advertisements and duplicate products. I don't want you to waste money on hiring any expert or buying junk. So, I would like to share the name of those products, which help me a lot in cleaning my bowling balls in today's article.

​Most bowlers suggest using a bowling ball that is heavy to bowl straight. They suggest you use the heaviest ball you can control and use without hurting yourself to attack the lane powerfully in straight bowling.

Normal bowling ball cleaners usually help to make your ball shiny, remove dirt and oil, restore tack, and much more. There are various types of ball polishes out there in the market. Among them, the best options normally keep you bowling balls capable of performing for several sets along with all the primary features. 

Nowadays, almost all brands claim their cleaner as the best option. But in most cases, you can never know which one is best until you use them. That is why I am showing you seven products today, which has helped me a lot more than other options, to make my bowling balls work like new ones.

Why You Need to Polish Your Bowling Balls?

The primary purpose behind polishing bowling balls is to keep up the natural performance of the bowling ball. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. If you use your ball for 10 or 12 consecutive games, your ball is going to lose the shine, tack, and some other things. 

I have tried polishing balls both by professionals and myself. The result is almost the same. The proper polishing restores the actual capability like before in your bowling balls. So, to ensure good gaming performance and durability of the balls, I am taking the cleaning and polishing as a mandatory job for bowlers.

Reviews of the Best Bowling Ball Cleaner and Polish

Here are seven bowling ball cleaners, which I prefer to use as I found them pretty handy most of the time.

​Storm Reacta Shine Bowling Ball Cleaner by Michelin


It is a quite handy cleaner that works fine on most of your balls. The formula works well to bring back the natural shine and polish to your old ball's coverstroke.


I have seen the formula works well, even with urethane coverstrokes. Even if your ball gets more dirt and marks, this cleaner can make your bowling ball as good as new.

It also restores the tack on the surface of your ball so that it does well on most types of lanes without hustling. Moreover, this product also lets your ball to react perfectly so that you can finish your game well. Even a little amount of application of this cleaner instantly makes your ball ready for the game.

Bottom Line

The catchy part here I have found is the cooperation with most grit levels. You can apply this formula to most types of balls without worrying.

What I Like

  • ​Storm Reacta Shine Bowling Ball cleaner brings back the tackiness and shine to any kind of bowling ball
  • ​This cleaner is easy to use
  • ​It doesn't cause any harm to the surface of the bowling balls
  • ​After using this cleaner, your bowling ball can slide further even if dry lane condition
  • ​The cleaning formula helps your bowling ball get a finishing at only 1500 grit

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Over-using the product makes your bowling ball way too slippery to trouble you while playing

​Storm Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner by Michelin


You can have several games without worrying when you apply this foam formula on your ball for cleaning. Also, the product does the polishing job for the perfection you mostly look for. 

The formula works faster than most other products in the market. You don't have to use a lot of this formula to make the ball look like new ones. I find this cleaner more effective despite using less. 

The cleaner makes your ball's surface glossy by fighting against dirt and oil. It makes the surface fresh so that you can play well.

Bottom Line

​The amount of cleaner in the bottle is more than enough. You can use it for consecutive months to clean each of your bowling balls.

What I Like

  • ​You can use the product without adding any other formula on the bowling ball's surface
  • ​This cleaner removes dirt, scuff, or belt marks
  • ​The cleaner also makes your ball shiny as new ones
  • ​This cleaner toils on urethane coverstocks
  • ​It is a very good cleaner for general maintenance
  • ​The formula helps to re-build the tackiness likewise new bowling ball

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The bottle of this cleaner is not leak-proof. You have to keep it carefully

​That Purple Stuff “Bowling Ball Cleaner by Creating the Difference


My research tells this product is eligible to use anywhere. It has got certifications from USBC. That is why I think the cleaner can't cause harm to anything. 

It is a good option to use for bringing back the shine of old bowling balls. After using this cleaner on a ball, you can use that ball for several games without worrying. 

The shine and clean surface this product helps to get last longer than usual. Besides, this cleaner has a good fragrance that doesn't make your nose irritated.

Bottom Line

​​The bottle is another advantage of this product. The cleaner comes out easily from the bottle. You can have no worries while carrying this bottle. It has a good sealing system. So, it can't ruin your stuff inside the bag

What I Like

  • ​It helps to clean bowling balls like professional ones
  • ​You can use a CtD Power Pad with the cleaner to wipe out the entire surface of the bowling ball
  • ​It helps to eliminate dirt, oil, and scuff
  • ​The lavender fragrance eliminates the unwanted smell from your ball's surface

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​You may not get the perfect tackiness after using it several times

​Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner by Pyramid


You can be helpful by using this on your balls for any lanes of the game. The cleaner comes with several features that make your balls prepared for the next game or set you are going to have. 

The application doesn't need much preparation. You can clean your ball within minutes. You can also wipe out the cleaning formula quite easily. 

The bottle has a compact size. You can carry it without worrying in any of your bags.

Bottom Line

​​​The product works faster than a usual cleaner or polish to help you between sets or games. The cleaner is perfect for most types of use. So, you can use the cleaner anyway whenever you need to clean your bowling balls. 

What I Like

  • ​Pyramid bowling ball cleaner is approved by USBD
  • ​It provides you sound maintenance of your equipment
  • ​It keeps your bowling ball ready for the lanes
  • ​This bowling ball cleaner is secure for any kind of bowling ball
  • ​It features user-friendly behaviors
  • ​It removes dirt and oil from your bowling ball effortlessly
  • ​The application of the formula is simple for anybody
  • ​The size of the bottle is handy for bowling bags

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The spray head may get jammed if you don't keep it carefully for longer use

​Hook It Bowling Ball Cleaner (6 Ounce) by Neo Tac cleaners


To ensure necessary hooking ups, the cleaner makes the surface enough tacky. Moreover, it also makes ball surfaces fresh by eliminating dirt and oil.

I know that ball surfaces can attract small particles like dirt. That is why I am preferring this product as it can eliminate all types of small particles within a short time. It makes you ball usable for several games.

The consistent use of this product on a ball's surface isn't harmful at all. You can use it whenever you find cleaning necessary.

​Bottom Line

​​​​It is a fast action formula that I think works to increase your balls life span mostly. The easily usable formula can hold the good condition of your bowling ball for several games.

What I Like

  • ​Neo tac bowling ball cleaner keeps your existing ball surface unblemished
  • ​This cleaner boosts the tackiness of your bowling ball to gain a greater hook
  • ​It clears oil, dirt, and belt marks away from your equipment
  • ​The formula helps to reactivate your old bowling ball like before
  • ​This cleaner is easy to use with durability

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​As its weight is 6 ounce only, you may find it smaller according to my research

​Bowling Ball Cleaner (8 Ounce) by TAC Up


With the USBC approval, this ball cleaner gets a position on my choice list. I find the ball cleaner the right choice to get back the actual tack of bowling balls. 

You can use the cleaner to remove dirt and ball marks from the surface. No special preparation is necessary to use this liquid on your bowling balls.

The bio-degradable formula also helps to perform the ball well. It also increases the life span of your ball. Besides, it eliminates moisture from your bowling balls.

​Bottom Line

The bowling ball polish cum cleaner dries faster than usual ones. You can finish polishing in a short time.

What I Like

  • ​The ball cleaner can remove the stain, belt marks, scuff, and lane oil
  • ​It eliminates moisture from your bowling balls to let you have a better spinning
  • ​This cleaner helps you to get your bowling ball its usual or natural tack
  • ​This cleaner extends the lifespan of your bowling ball
  • ​It ensures a constant ball reaction
  • ​Its strong bio-degradable formula can increase tackiness

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​It also helps to give your ball natural shine

​Bowling Ball Polish (8 Ounce) by Vise Bowling Grips


​The result of the polishing balls with this product stays for quite a long time. You can use this polish on most types of bowling balls.

​Bottom Line

​To get a better result, you can use this liquid on your ball both before and after the game. Besides, it has got USBC approval that ensures quality.

What I Like

  • ​Vise Bowling ball polish is USBD approved
  • ​The formula of this polish has almost zero toxicity
  • ​This is a liquid-based product, which can be applied directly to your bowling ball surface
  • ​You can also use it before your game for better performance

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This is not a cleaner, so it doesn't remove belt marks from your bowling ball. It just polishes your bowling ball

What to Concern before Buying the Best Bowling Ball Cleaner?

​There are not too many facts to think about before picking any bowling ball cleaner. Sometimes, you can get a good one without thinking too much.

The first thing, you need to know which type of cleaner do you want. Some products help in instant cleaning before or after a set. Some others help to clean your balls for the next 10 to 15 games by taking almost an hour. You need to know the type first before buying a cleaner so that you can use it well.

For professional bowlers, there are different cleaners for different balls. A professional can pick a type of liquid that can feature a facility most that can prepare the ball for the preferred type of playing.

A good cleaner cum polish comes in a very cheap range. So, don't think that you can get good stuff by spending lots of bucks. You need to spend wisely to get a good polish.

How to buy the Best Bowling Ball Polish?

Well, all the good and handy polishes have the same type of features. When you know those features well, you can buy one for yourself. So, here they are.

​USBC Approval

​Products that have got certificates from USBC are the best options. Because experts have checked them before approving. You can see labels or search on the internet to know whether your pick has the approval or not.


​It is better if your cleaner doesn't have any odor that can hurt your nose. Nowadays, there are cleaners with some attractive fragrance. You can also buy them if you want.

​Shape of the Bottle

​The shape should be compact so that you can carry in your bag without any trouble. But you can negotiate the matter if you think you have a large bag which can store anything inside.


​Normally, you can get 10 oz of liquid in a small cleaner's bottle. You can get a bit less or more depending on the type and brand.


​The cleaner formula should perform to hold the right condition of the bowling balls. It should not put any negative impacts, such as changing the grit rate. Otherwise, the cleaner can ruin your bowling balls in a short time.

​Bottle Caps and Sprayers

​Another important fact is the cap of the bottle of your cleaner. If the cap has a cheap construction, your cleaner can get dry staying inside the bottle without using it. The cap needs to lock the bottle well.

Moreover, if you buy a cleaner with a sprayer, the spraying cap should spray well for months. The unwanted jamming can stop proper spraying. So, you need to think of it before deciding to buy a sprayer.

​How to Clean Your Bowling Ball ?

Well, buying a bowling ball cleaner doesn't finish your job. You need to do the polishing in the right way to make your ball perform well shortly. That is why I intend to give a small brief on the procedure of cleaning a bowling ball. 

According to my recent research on polishing bowling balls, you can have your bowling balls polished well at home when only have a hard bowl, soft cloths, and a ball cleaner. In two or three major steps, you can finish the cleaning job without any worries. 

First of all, you have to fill the bowl with enough amount of water so that you can sink your ball fully in the bowl. 

​​Then, you have mixed your cleaner with the water. You need to read the instruction of the bottle to know how much cleaner formula you have to add. 

After that, you need to keep the ball inside the water. But before that, make sure you have filled or covered the holes so that water doesn't go inside the ball. 

You can get your ball cleaned within 45 minutes after putting the ball in the mixture. In that period, keep your ball spinning for 5 or 6 times. 

After 45 minutes, put the ball out of the water and rub it well with dry cloths or towels. It finishes the cleaning job, and your ball is ready to perform again.

Things need to be done in another way if you want to do cleaning or polishing during a game. For instant cleaning, you have to carry a cleaner sprayer. You can spray the formula on the whole surface of the ball and rub it with a soft towel to make your ball shiny and effective as before. Instant cleaners help you a lot when you immediately need a clean and polished ball when you are in a bowling arena for a game.


Regular cleaning of the ball is as important as having the best bowling balls. You need to give proper time and importance to this matter. If you don't do so, your bowling ball can stop to perform like before. My advice is to do the cleaning accurately with the best cleaner for prolonging the life span of your bowling balls.

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