Best Bowling Balls for Seniors

​Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

​Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

​​Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

One of the reasons why bowling is such a popular sport is because it is easy to learn. Its game mechanics have few rules. There is not much secret; seniors and children can play it. It's easy to develop skills and stand out. In bowling, you do not have to do a tremendous physical display or have gym conditions; anyone with minimal physical conditions can participate and get to have the best level. That is why bowling can be a good sport for seniors.

Another quality of the sport of bowling is that it turns out to be very social. Senior citizens can participate in groups, in teams that can be longtime friends or even people from your own family.

It is thus essential to find the best bowling balls for seniors to match their capacity and ability.  

​900 Global makes several types of bowling balls for advanced level bowlers. Among them, the Honey badger bowling ball has great construction. The awesome pearl cover stock makes the ball quite effective in most conditions.

Before diving deep in the details, here is our best choice. After an intensive thought, the decision of the editorial team turned to the Maxim model from Ebonite. It is equipment with a polyester coating, which gives it the right balance for seniors. 

It allows elderly players to improve by acquiring more sophisticated techniques. This model will enable you to obtain better scores over the training. It is also ideal for starting to play, especially for women and adolescents, given its lightness.

​Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


A bowling ball should never be missing from a good bowler. The Rhino Brunswick bowling ball in the test is an excellent way to start with your bowling ball as a beginner, even for the seniors.

The name of the manufacturer Rhino is unmistakably on the ball again, but it still stands out comfortably in the four-color variants. The rhinoceros must not be missing as a logo to ensure an absolute uniqueness of the bowling ball and to ensure that there is certain conspicuousness.

It is a bowling ball of the newer generation, which lies exceptionally well in hand and is not as expensive as some would think.

The ball starts from a very reasonable price, and for the price, it is worth (also recommended for senior bowler) his ball bowling to possess.

The Brunswick balls by Rhino guarantee the same reaction properties thanks to the 10 to 12 pounds. They not only fit comfortably in hand, but also have a constant reaction time and features. This is very important for seniors.

For beginners to senior bowlers, the ball is recommended.

What I Like

  • Suitability: the weight starts from 10 pounds making it suitable for even the elderly
  • Control: the ease of handling also allows the elderly or children to have a good time with their loved ones in a bowling alley.
  • Design: the beautiful design with various colors to choose from will refresh the mind of senior peoples.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Quality: many customers seem to be upset because of the condition which is not up to the mark.

​Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball


If you want to buy the best spare bowling ball but have to / want to stay within a reasonable price range, you can take a closer look at the Maxim Bowling Ball from the manufacturer Ebonite.

The bowling ball is made of polyester, which means that it is ideal for seniors. The polished surface shines right away. For the fair amount of price, an elderly bowler or potential bowler can't complain here.

Between 13 pounds and 15lbs, each bowler can decide which weight is desired, so that the Maxim Bowl by Ebonite is also suitable for true clearers among bowlers. The price range also varies based on weight.

What I Like

  • Adaptability: Perfect for all playing conditions, it runs straight on dry tracks and is very docile on freshly oiled roads. It, therefore, does much better than other hard plastic balls.
  • Easy to maintain: With its polished and shiny finish, this ball is easy to clean.
  • Design: It is also aesthetic, an advantage which is always interesting even if it does not determine the quality of the game

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Drilling: The bowling ball still has to be drilled to adapt it to your personalized throwing techniques.

​DV8 Poly Bowling Ball


The unique DV8 Poly Bowling Ball should not be missing in the product reviews on the topic of buying a bowling ball for seniors. The “light” bowling ball is available for a very reasonable price with a wide range of weights.

The bright pink that DV8 offers will be striking on every bowling alley so that a little eye-catcher is found under the bowling balls. It is made of polyester to be suitable for seniors and children, but it should not be missing as clearer for advanced users.

For this, the manufacturer has an almost miraculous solution, namely the reactivity of the ball. This characteristic can sometimes be perceived as a commonplace. But responsive bowling is an excellent opportunity to improve, not only for novices per se but especially for occasional players or less skilled people, such as children, the elderly, or those with reduced mobility.

The bowling ball is also suitable for children, because of the weight, so that even the younger generation would like to start bowling. For beginners to advanced, this bowling ball from Ebonite should be taken into account.

What I Like

  • Suitable: Both lightweight and easy to handle, Ebonite's Maxim bowling ball weights start from 6 pounds.
  • Colorful: Several colors are available.
  • Coating: Its polyester coating facilitates straight tests, which is an excellent way to learn to shoot or improve your game.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Fragile: The only flaw that can be criticized is its relative fragility.

​Pyramid Path Bowling Ball


The impressive design of this Path Bowling Ball by Pyramid is an asset because even if you don't make a success of your shot, it will give you style to your game. People with reduced mobility can also start practicing this discipline.

Light and easy to slide on dry tracks, it is perfect for seniors who are unable to carry a heavier one. It weighs start from only 8 pounds. It is, therefore, the ideal ball for fun for older adults, without straining on performance. It is well suited to young players also. 

Made of polyester, it rolls straight without requiring too much effort. The ball also offers a well-adjusted piercing. For professionals, it represents the best spare bowling ball. The shiny finish of this ball makes it easy to maintain. Besides, it shines under UV light, which makes it even more impressive.

What I Like

  • Suitable: Suitable for all stages of players. Senior amateurs will appreciate its lightness and its pretty exterior appearance. It is especially ideal for beginners who want to improve their game and take it to the next level.
  • Diversity: Several weights are available, ranging from 10 to 16 pounds. It is, therefore, a ball for relatively stable players.
  • Finish: With its beautiful factory finish, it is both smooth and relatively fragile. You have to be careful not to damage it before time.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Not for oiled lane: it is better to avoid very oiled journeys with this ball.

​Storm Timeless Bowling Ball


​This bowling ball made of hybrid reactive material is recommended for beginners. The STORM logo has an enormous impact on the explicit material, and it stands out when used in bowling alleys. Also, some consider it as the best bowling ball for a stroke.

Storm timeless series balls are distinguished by their dual drive core. The cover is made of hybrid reactive material, with the property of gripping the track. It is, therefore, a great ball for moderately oiled or very oiled aisles. 

It keeps a smooth roll without speeding while advancing towards the skittles. It is thus relatively easy to master and allows players of the average level to perform precise tests on a great length of glide. It is a ball indicated for senior or intermediate players. 

Although the ball weighs 12 to 14 pounds. The handling of this accessory is reserved for people who are sufficiently experienced in bowling. This does not prevent senior and young players from taking part, in particular, to raise their level.

This bowling ball is available in silver-black colors with elegant patterns. It has a standard glossy varnish finish.

What I Like

  • Control: It is a standard bowling ball recommended for seniors at a reasonable price. The coverstock is reactive, so it doesn't bend much. But it is a bowling ball that is perfect for beginners to control movement. 
  • Oiled lanes: it is a suitable Bowling ball for medium to heavy oil lanes.
  • Beautiful design: the shiny outlook of this ball may not have any input in quality, but it soothes the eyes.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Not for dry lane: This ball is strictly suitable for medium to heavy oiled lanes. So, it is better to avoid dry roads.

​Ebonite Vortex V2


It is a popular classic bowling ball that exerts its power near the pin with a Modified V2 Core. The cover stock uses a reactive material and exhibits exquisite rolling and rotation. For elderly bowlers, the ball is suitable for most types of lanes. Robust black design that is not too flashy is also recommended.

This ball is perfect for training, but also fun. The Ebonite bowling ball has been designed to be able to roll uniformly on all types of tracks, from the driest to the most oiled. So those who hesitate about choosing the best ball can turn to this model without regret.

 Due to its quality in manufacturing, its exceptional durability, and its excellent price, the Ebonite Vortex V2has been the best-selling in the world in recent years. Bowling experts point out that the V2 is suitable for both bowling professionals and amateurs.

What I Like

  • Design: its solid black outer layer with the logo imprinted makes it somewhat sober and ideal for seniors.
  • Convenience: for senior or elderly players, this ball is surprisingly convenient. A personal ball is way more comfortable for someone who wishes to play regularly.
  • Value for money: considering all of its quality, this one is not the most expensive bowling ball. Instead, it's a very reasonable and considering price.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • None: Nothing much can be said as it is capable of satisfying the target customers.

​Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


Buy the T-Zone bowling ball for an unbeatable price?

This is possible, as our product reviews prove. The optically appealing and stylish bowling ball is suitable for beginners, but design is not everything when it comes to bowling. Although the bowling ball glows under UV light, its polyester material is one reason why it is perfect for beginners.

It can best offer straight running lines and also copes perfectly as a clearing ball. There is no more uniqueness. Inexpensive, good-looking and practical for beginners - the Brunswick bowling ball can inspire and should encourage you to buy.

A tight bowling ball whose cover stock is made of polyester. Since it is hard, there is little friction with the lane, and it will proceed with almost no bending. It is recommended to use as a spare ball with My Ball as a set. A bowling ball suitable for beginners to learn ball control.

What I Like

  • Quality finish: It’s a Brunswick trait- coming with the best finishing you could ever asked for.
  • Design: beautiful glossy design with various colors to choose from
  • Control: A reactive bowling ball that is easy to handle and recommended for seniors.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Drilling: The bowling ball is undrilled, so owners have to have it drilled or can drill it themselves.

​Do You Need to Buy Most Expensive Bowling Ball for Seniors?

Actually, no.

Not all the bowling balls are expensive. And specially when it comes to buy for older people, the prices are mostly reasonable. Although the price varies due to the difference in design, brand, style, facility etc. for example, the brand Hammer is way more expensive than DV8. Again, a simple drilled ball is less costly than a two handed bowling ball.

In fact, rather than the price you should concentrate on quality. Because senior or older adults should play with utmost care. The bowling ball should be according to their ability. So that it does not affect their health.

​How to Choose the Best Bowling Balls for Seniors?


​First is the weight. Weight is different in men and women, thus should be different for seniors also. So when choosing a bowling ball for seniors, it is recommended to select 10-12 pounds or maximum 14 pounds. Remember seniors are not tones as adults. Therefore, use a ball that is 1-2 pounds heavier than usual. However, this is just a guideline, so try to bring various balls and choose the one that suits you. We also recommend listening to the advice of the employees of the center.

​Select by material

​When purchasing the bowling Ball for senior, the content is of concern. Magazines and websites have written about how it bends and how powerful it is. It's certainly helpful, but if you're thinking about buying ball for an older person, we recommend using a ball that's easy to control. Our recommendation would be polyester coverstock with large factory finish and gloss. Being smooth is the point.

​Thumb fit

​In bowling, the thumb is essential for controlling the ball. If the hole is large, it will be easy to slip out and octopus, and if it is small, it will be thrown without falling. If the size does not match, it will be a pain to use. Be sure to have a driller at the bowling center measure the hole for seniors. Also. If they feel a little uncomfortable, ask them properly and try to make it comfortable for them.

Control performance

​Control performance is determined by the distance between the fingers and the position of the core (the core part inside the ball). Ask the driller to make a satisfactory adjustment according to the senior person. The base is biased. The larger the curve, the harder it is to control, and the closer the core is to the center, the easier it is to control it.

​Favorite design and color

​There are many things that the senior person can enjoy not only while playing. Although it is not an essential trait but there's nothing wrong in a little color. There are various designs for the same ball, so please have fun and find one. It feels great when you can strike cleanly from a flashy production, and this is the real pleasure of bowling.


​This is our most popular recommended rankings for the Best bowling balls for seniors? Although the bowling ball looks similar, the way the ball moves changes depending on the material of the cover stock and the shape of the core. Especially when it comes to seniors these traits have be decided very carefully. Please find the best bowling ball that suits the bowling style of the senior and let them enjoy bowling.

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