Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers

​​Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

​Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

​Track Precision Bowling Ball

Bowling is great fun and entertaining activity that anyone can do. This game allows children to develop their ability and motor skills. Above all, it brings together family and friends. It doesn't matter if you are a lefty or right-handed, you can play all the way. That's why we love it so much. Do you enjoy spending time in the bowling alley and want to improve your skills? The first thing you need to do is buy the best bowling ball for left handers and bowling pins. 

In this guide, we will focus more on the first accessory. This is true, essential to playing. This is the object you will use to knock over the pins. It is, therefore, necessary that it is of good quality and that it meets all the criteria which make it possible to define a good model. 

Discover seven bowling balls for left handers, a list that we have put together correctly for you. Brunswick tzone has differential settings and is especially suitable for people with low physical power. Brunswick rhino is very aesthetic, but what we like above all is its versatility. Any category of people can use this ball.

​If you want to be a pro, you need to know the hooking first. Most professional bowling balls feature you a good range of hook potentiality. Such a feature lets you keep a good average every season.

​Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball


On the market you can find many different types of similar products: if you have come this far, in our guide to choose the best bowling ball, and you are looking for a different one than others. Then you could consider purchasing the classified Pyramid Path Rising model.

The reason for this title is clear from first glance. It is a perfect ball for the left handed person as well as the right-handed person. On the surface of this bowling ball is engraved in the high-resolution image of the logo. The colors would seem to be almost an incentive to win the game: a characteristic element is the type of symmetrical and smooth structure that characterizes it. This allows you to have an even more precise shot.

In this regard, this bowling ball is suitable, especially for beginners., as far as professionals are concerned, it may be the best solution due to the variety of weights of the ball.

What I Like

  • Innovative colors: A right display color cannot be considered an added value, because it not only serves to load the player with adrenaline. But it makes this model genuinely captivating.
  • Right trajectory: With the technology used to make the structure, the pyramid bowling ball boasts splendid maintenance of the path, even on less practicable surfaces.
  • Dimensions and weight: This article, thanks to its different sizes and weights, is ideal for all beginners and experts.    

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Drilling: The only downside this model has is that it needs drilling after buying the ball.

​Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


Our comparison lists the models available on the market to help you find the best bowling ball. Brunswick offers this equipment explicitly designed for beginners.

By beginner, we must understand, anyone who only plays bowling occasionally or whose level of play is not that of a professional competitor. This entirely reactive ball is made for this category of people. This characteristic means that the person does not need to exert significant efforts to prove himself during a game.

The presence of Brunswick in this ranking is no coincidence. It is one of the brands appreciated by the general public for the performance of its articles. This is why it is a good brand to buy the best bowling ball at the moment.

What I Like

  • Neat design: The manufacturer has bet on aesthetics when designing this equipment. You can see at the first touch of this ball the quality of the structure with a polishing done appreciably.
  • Adaptability: Beginners and experts can use this material. For the former, they can learn this sport from a very young age. This is due to the responsiveness of this model. Its handling does not require the use of force. This allows children to optimize their performance.    

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Quality: the quality may seem a little disappointing to some of the customers.

​Track Precision Bowling Ball


It's not clear which are the best bowling balls on the market. Why not try this model? This Track Precision Bowling Ball is easy to handle, especially for casual players or even beginners. 

The track Precision bowling ball is part of the ultimate in this area. The varnished finish brings an elegant touch that players appreciate. The brand has chosen Prime Pearl as its covering material. But above all, the drilling is designed to make it a versatile ball. This last characteristic is reflected, among other things, by the fact that it is suitable for all levels of play, from experienced competitors to occasional players, without forgetting novices.

If you trust the best brand of bowling balls, you will quickly be attached to the product to buy. This is the case for the majority of consumers who have decided to turn to Track Precision. They were won over by the performance of this benchmark.

What I Like

  • Differential settings: These adjustments will allow you to quickly adapt the structure of the equipment with your level of play and your frequency of activity. Whether you are a seasoned player, an occasional sportsman, or if you are an initiator of bowling, you will not encounter any difficulties in handling this equipment.
  • Versatile: this model has a wide range of weight differences, which makes it eligible for all level players. 
  • Quality: the quality makes it different from others. The precision, the perfect finishing by a bowling ball spinner- makes it best at what it does.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Design: The test of some users revealed that this device would present less resistance than it seems.

​Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


To know how to choose the best-left hand bowling balls, it is necessary to look at the models that reference in the matter. In this case, the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space is a product that deserves your attention. The customers first appreciate it for its aesthetics. The ball is carefully polished, to display a color worthy of a high-end product. It is available in space print, also exists in blue, white, pink, or green versions.

For the coating, the manufacturer chooses a material that stands out as THE reference, namely polyester. At the same time, the Brunswick Tzone is also a great gift idea, whether for a birthday or during the holiday season, among others. It will please your friend, your spouse, your brother or sister…, who may be more passionate about bowling.

If you want to optimize your level in this type of sport, but you don't know which bowling ball to choose, take a trip to Brunswick. This model that the brand offers will satisfy you, especially with its meticulously studied appearance.

What I Like

  • Quality of finishes: If we take into account the design, this reference could be the most efficient. Indeed, you can immediately see the neat aesthetics of this equipment with the quality of its polishing that can compete with high-end products.
  • Availability in several colors: When purchasing it, you can easily select the shade of your specimen. You can opt for blue or pink if white is not your favorite shade.    
  • Suitable for all: Compared with the other examples in our list, this is one of the models that can be used by adults as well as by children.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Lack of description: Prospective buyers blame the brand for the lack of information regarding the characteristics of this model.

​Roto Grip Winner Bowling Ball


The manufacturer offers a versatile bowling ball. The most prominent products are not the models that would be specialized only for experienced competitors or professionals, for example. The brand, to rake comprehensive, offers equipment that professionals will handle without great difficulty. But with which novices will not have any trouble getting by.

The designer also insists that this ball is designed for both men and women. This indication is anything but anecdotal. Because the level of play also depends on the physical power of the person, for achieving precise launches. On the artistic side, this model, carefully polished, is all in red, a reasonably frequent color, in any case, more than white or blue.

The price of this equipment from Roto Grip is justified by the quality of the design of its structure. It is also appreciated for its versatility, which allows it to adapt to several modes of use.

What I Like

  • Unisex model: This item can be suitable for both men and women. Its design accommodates all profiles and various styles of play.
  • Performance: With this ability, this equipment allows beginners to improve their performance significantly. It can, therefore, be used by young and old alike and even by people with reduced mobility.    

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Deterrent price: Its cost is a brake for some buyers. They believe that this product is a little expensive for consumers who wish to initiate themselves in this activity.

​Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball


A 12-pound dead weight is not uncommon with a bowling ball and the 06.    Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball can convince with this weight.

Their optical highlights in black, yellow, and lime green are hard to top. One can argue about taste, but the ball stands out optically and glows in the dark.

It is also often referred to as a slime design because it is immediately striking. The entry-level light ball for low bowling costs is undrilled. This means that new owners have to drill them to use the bowling ball. If you want to know optical highlights combined with quality, the solid coverstock bowling ball immediately catches the eye.

Between 12lbs and 16lbs, each bowler can decide which weight is desired, so that the Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball is also suitable for true clearers among bowlers. The price range also varies based on weight.

What I Like

  • Beautiful design: For design lovers, this model is not one of the most sought after and complicated, but rather the shades seem to be green, yellow, and black. Therefore, entirely in line with bowling games outdoors or during summer evenings.
  • Skin: The material that covers it externally is Navigational Solid Coverstock, an element that makes it particularly resistant and shiny. Although the latter peculiarity is underlined above all by the type of finish adopted by the company.
  • Diversity: In addition to the low prices of which you can boast, the full range of choice between the various sizes is equally impressive. Because, as you can see for yourself, you can opt from a minimum weight of 12 pounds up to a maximum of 16 pounds.

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Not for beginners: the ball is not suitable for beginners as the weight starts from 12 pounds.

​Storm Fever Pitch


The leading quality of these urethane bowling balls is its control. The control makes it a classic article for official tournaments. This is for them who are regulars of bowling, and even people who participate in big competitions. The storm did not design this model for a novice.

However, some people think this product is perfect for beginners also. This is explained by the fact that the Storm Fever Pitch is easy to handle. The drilling is designed so that launching does not necessarily require a Herculean force, quite the contrary. This allows the player to properly position his thumb, to fix the ball and achieve a precise launch firmly.

Although buyers pay close attention to its cost, you can still count on the versatility of this equipment. This faculty also constitutes a criterion of choice during its acquisition.

What I Like

  • Easy to handle: Its versatility characterizes this device. This hole was designed so that its use does not have to develop a significant force to launch it and thus effectively reach the pins.
  • ​Suitable for all types of players: With its structure, this model easily adapts to the expectations of professionals and amateurs.    

​What I Didn’t Like

  • Attractive price: Buyers have doubts about its durability at the cost. They believe that this reference cheaper than the average would not be suitable for intensive use and could be damaged quickly.

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Bowling Ball for Stroker Style?

This is the considered classic style and is generally the first to be learned; It is consistent, continuous, smooth, but not as spectacular as the Cranker. With this style, consistency is perfected, that is, repeating the same actions over and over and over again, generating high confidence in each shot since the ball and its trajectory is highly predictable.

This player slides his foot to the foul line, keeping a rhythm with the arm and the ball. This generates a reasonable number of revolutions, but very controllable (not like in the cranker). In the same way, keep the shoulders aligned with the foul line and, in general, the player's timing or rhythm is very exact and defined.

The oil mark on the ball will usually be "semi-roller." When the tracks have medium to little oil, this style is ideal and generally the most effective.

As this style is unique, so the effectiveness will also depend on the right kind of ball. And that's why you need to buy the best bowling ball for stroker style.

​How to Choose the Best Bowling Ball for Left Handers?

​Do you like to play bowling in your spare time? So, above all, you will need to have a ball adapted to your needs so that you can play properly. Here are some tips that should help you know how to buy a better value bowling ball.

​The weight

​A ball weighs from 3 to 8 kg, the numbering from 6 to 16 pounds corresponds to the pressure in English pounds. You must choose the weight that suits you according to your age and physical power. The ball should generally weigh 10% of your body mass. But there is not known much that the weigh is related to left-handers.

​The manufacturing material

The hardball has a hard foam core protected by a polyester resin shell. It has the advantage of not soaking up the oil deposited on the track but is somewhat reserved for beginners.

The reactive ball is composed of a nucleus which allows to modify its inertia and to increase the performance. For example, the best reactive resin bowling ball can be a better choice for novice left-hander.


A hole is said to be conventional when the measurement of the player's hand has not been taken. This type of piercing makes it easier to hold the ball because its weight is not felt too much. You have to choose a ball according to the size of the holes and the spacing that best suit your fingers. 

To find out if the piercing is suitable, it suffices to insert the fingers into the three holes provided for this purpose: the thumb must completely enter it, as well as the first phalanx of the middle and ring fingers.

Although there is not much difference in the ball of left-handed and right-handed players. The main difference is the hole of the ring finger is 3" away from the thumb.


​Having your bowling balls when you are a lefty is an asset for those who care about their comfort and hygiene. To help you find the balls that are ideally suited to your hands when drilling, we put everything out there. Check out our list along with all the tips and tricks. I hope this helps you finding the right one, whether it's the best bowling ball for stroker style or the best one for left handers.

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