Best Hooking Bowling Ball

I have been using Motiv Forge bowling ball for quite a few months to get a better hook potentiality in every game. Apart, I have tested several more options recently to do better than before. Today, I intend to show some of the best hooking bowling balls to end their search who are trying to find something that can help them to keep a good score average this season.

Bowling balls with more than average hook potentiality are the aggressive ones. Such types usually dominate on most oil conditions. The main strength of a hooking bowling ball is creating friction. The ball for hook shots creates some strong friction even in the heavy oil lanes to ensure some fantastic curves. 

The differences between hooking balls and straight bowling balls are visible in the cover stock mainly. The oil-absorbing capability of such bowling balls helps them to roll over lanes powerfully. Moreover, the construction of such bowling balls features a fantastic weight block for the best result. A hooking bowling ball can come in various sizes and weights.

Reviews of the Hooking Bowling Balls

To me, most pro bowling balls are capable of featuring hook potentiality. But you can't buy any of them as very few are truly capable of giving you a good score average. I have picked seven bowling balls today to show you that have helped me a lot in hook bowling. I am reviewing those options based on their performances and structures.

Pyramid Path’s Rising Bowling Ball


This Pyramid Path’s Rising Pearl Bowling Ball comes with eight different colorations of cover stocks and sizes. This bowling ball arrives in a weight scope of 8 to 16 pounds. So, it’s the choice of bowlers, which one they want to buy.

The symmetrical core offers a versatile ball motion and perfect for an extended lane. The core also gives variety for drilling facilities. So, you can drill this bowling ball as per your choice.

This Pyramid Path Rising is impressive for hook offering its best result on the medium-dry lane. I bet you have to agree with me about this ball's performance.

Experts say, the perfect scale usually starting from 180, are the balls with great hook potential. And this bowling ball comes about at 181.30. So, you can judge it by yourself.

Bottom Line

With a medium level flare potentiality, this bowling ball hooks quite fantastic.

What I Like

  • The core of this bowling ball is New Era 139 Symmetric core
  • The perfect scale or hook rating scale of this bowling ball comes about at 181.30
  • This bowling ball is available in eight different colorations of cover stocks
  • The cover stock of this bowling ball finishes at 1500-Grit polish
  • The cover stock of this bowling ball confers extra angular or delayed reaction
  • The core of this bowling ball offers variety for drilling facilities
  • This Bowling Ball is designed excellently for medium-dry lane conditions
  • It is designed to finish conducive to an extended length

What I Didn’t Like

  • This bowling ball doesn't offer you any warranty

Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball from Brunswick


This Brunswick’s Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is a great option for those who want low hook potential. It perfectly rolls smoothly towards the lane. As a bowling freak bowler, I suggest you this bowling ball. For beginners, it is also a good option for its straight roll and control.

The plastic or polyester cover stock offers diverse colors that you can choose your type. Also, its logo is designed uniquely.

With specially designed or formulated, this bowling ball has plastic or polyester cover stock and the benefits of the polyester cover stock that it doesn't pick any oils in the lane. Thus, you can gain your desired result with this bowling ball. 

The Brunswick’s Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball lies out extra pins with less struggle.

Bottom Line

With high gloss factory finish Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball looks great on the lane.

What I Like

  • The Brunswick’s Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is serviceable in a variety of colors and sizes
  • This ball features a plastic cover stock or surface
  • This deep-space bowling ball obtains a glistening and bright look
  • The cover stock of this bowling ball is finalized with crown factory shine
  • This bowling ball is advised for any lane conditions

What I Didn’t Like

  • This ball may crack after a long term usage

Sure Lock Bowling Ball by Storm Bowling Products


The sure lock bowling ball is a 3Rd ball. The Sure-Lock is the most recently added bowling ball to Storm's champion line. For me, it is one of the best bowling ball I have bowled over the lanes.

The manufactured of the Sure-Lock is sturdy. Despite its awesome quality, it is shockingly perfect in the front part of the lane. It makes more backend than your regular expectation. So, bowlers hurry up! You can buy this bowling ball to satisfy your desires.

This bowling ball is highly recommended for heavy oil lane conditions. As per experts, reactive cover stocks with a matte finish are perfect for heavy oil lane conditions. And, Storm Sure Lock contains solid reactive cover stock. 

Thus, this ball is recommended for advanced level bowlers.

You must appreciate a controllable hook, and movement with the Sure Lock. It is generally speaking a glorious ball for me.

Bottom Line

With more than 6 inches of flare potential, this bowling ball is best for hooking.

What I Like

  • The Storm’s Sure Lock Bowling Ball is finished at 2000 Grit abalone
  • This bowling ball is suggested for heavy oil lane conditions
  • The material applied to the cover stock is a powerful RAD-X
  • This bowling ball creates the most backend reaction
  • Its dynamic design produces extreme hook
  • This bowling ball has a solid reactive cover stock

What I Didn’t Like

  • This bowling ball features only one color cover stock

Motiv Forge Bowling Ball


Hook bowling is the style applied mostly by proficient bowlers. You get the chance to have significantly more authority over where the ball hits the pins with the hook shot. If you are looking for a perfect hook shot ball, search no longer. The Motiv Forge is just your ball. 

The Motiv Forge has a variety of sizes but not in coloration. However, a weight range of 12 to 16 pounds is found in this bowling ball.

The Forge is intended for smoother movement on medium-heavy oil lane conditions. Here, on the lane, it shows a smooth movement just as extraordinary force and continuation. It furnishes superb control with great hook potential. This bowling ball is a great option for experts or advanced level bowlers.  

The special backend reaction is another exciting and useful feature of this bowling ball. You can use this ball on most lanes without any hustle.

Bottom Line

The bowling ball is controllable for most intermediate bowlers. It has a precise weight blocking construction that lets it roll properly.

What I Like

  • The Motiv Forge Bowling Ball is created with Coercion HFS cover stock
  • This bowling ball finishes at 3000 Grit LSS pad to assist the motion or reaction
  • The flare potential of this bowling ball is about 5"+
  • The weight block of this bowling ball is Detonator
  • This bowling ball is highly recommended for medium-heavy oil lane conditions
  • The core material of this bowling ball is called Reverb
  • The core helps to hit the pin with extreme backend power
  • The Motiv Forge comes about a weight collection of 12 to 16 pounds

What I Didn’t Like

  • This bowling ball provides no extra warranties or protections beside the Motiv Warranty

Quantum Bias Bowling Ball by Brunswick


The Brunswick Quantum Bias Bowling Ball is another creation of Brunswick with superb performance. Check it out, and your greatest desire in bowling seems to come true.

The Quantum Bias High RG asymmetrical core is its extraordinary component, which permits the ball to offer a great hook on the bowling lane. When I have used it, I just couldn't believe my eyes. This bowling ball is beyond the imagination of bowling. 

This bowling ball doesn't have any elegant look or aesthetic display, yet it has won not only the users but also the experts' heart. With this simple solid look, it is a monster on the lane.

The cover stock of this bowling ball is 3.5 times thicker than the usual one. Consequently, it's not hard to comprehend why it is entirely sturdy and assists with the huge hitting power.

Bottom Line

The core is wrapped in ECA-XR urethane cover stock, which provides the bowlers' extreme hook potential.

What I Like

  • The all-white color cover stock of the Quantum Bias offers huge hook potential
  • The durability of the core is also quite pleasing
  • Brunswick Quantum Bias also has 3.5 times stronger cover stock than other ones
  • The cover stock of this bowling ball extends durability
  • This bowling ball is the very first asymmetric Quantum
  • This bowling ball performs excellently in heavy oil lane conditions

What I Didn’t Like

  • This bowling ball is not for a dry lane or medium oil lane at all

MOTIV’s Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball


The Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling ball has a lot of hook potential. Motiv has given this product a sturdy construction to last longer.

This Coercion HFS Solid cover stock is done at a 3000 grit LSS box complete the process of giving it a lot of traction that is most suitable for heavy oil lane conditions. Trust me; your competitors may think that you are cheating on the game.

 Also, the unique color combination and design of the Motiv Jackal makes it like a scary power ghost on the lane.  

With solid continuation through the pins, the Predator V2 core creates a stronger backend reaction.

Bottom Line

With low RG and high differential, this bowling ball is outstanding for a hook shot.

What I Like

  • This Motiv Jackal has a Coercion HFS Solid cover stock
  • This bowling ball is concluded at 3000 Grit LSS factory finish
  • The combination of low RG and high differential makes this bowling ball unique
  • The durable cover stock can help you score a lot for a few seasons
  • The core material of this bowling ball is the Predator V2
  • The HFS cover stock takes the combativeness of the ball into the next level
  • This bowling ball is recommended for medium oil and heavy oil lane conditions

What I Didn’t Like

  • This bowling ball is not easy to control for everyone

7 Alias Bowling Ball by Track


The sturdy construction of this ball allows it to attack most types of lane conditions for quite a long time. It is a friendly option, even for two handed bowlers. 

You can have custom drilled holes on the solid cover stock of this bowling ball. The cover stock also features a nice polished finishing that can go through even heavy oil lane conditions. 

The NEW Prime Hybrid cover stock accompanies the completion of a 2000 grit sanded pad and gives a quick reaction time to wearing away on heavy oil lane conditions. 

This bowling ball is a hook monster and absolutely a gift for hook shot bowlers.

Bottom Line

With low RG and high Diff, this bowling ball provides a very fast response on the lane.

What I Like

  • The Track Alias Bowling ball is varnished with the 2000 Grit Abalone
  • This bowling ball is advised to use for heavy oil lane conditions
  • The cover stock material of this bowling ball is called Prime Hybrid
  • The box finish gives the ball a matte look
  • This bowling ball has enough hook potential that works on the slickest oil lane conditions
  • The asymmetrical core of this bowling ball is called Alias

What I Didn’t Like

  • This ball is not for straight shooters

What to Consider before Buying Best Bowling Ball for Hook?

Before looking for a good bowling ball, you have to be judgmental about these two facts.

Lane Condition

No matter what type of bowling ball you buy, you must consider the condition of the lane that you are going to attack. Not all bowling balls can do well in every lane condition. 

As the hook potentiality has a direct relation with the oil condition, you need to think about your choice wisely. You should not buy a bowling ball for dry lanes to attack mid or heavy oil conditions.

Weight Calculation

The calculation of the ball's right weight is the same in every matter. You need to buy something that weighs around 1/10th of your body weight. It is mandatory to follow this equation for any type of bowling ball option.


Nowadays, you can find a quality option in any good price range. Cheap balls are not too good at all for intermediate or pro bowlers. So, at least a mid-range bowling ball should be your target. Besides, you need to have some extra bucks to pay an expert if you want to have custom holes on the solid cover stock of your bowling ball.

How to Buy the Best Hooking Bowling Ball?

At least intermediate bowlers can do the technique, hooking quite well. So, I am showing a guideline for those bowlers who want to learn hooking or practice hooking in the next game to get the right type of bowling ball with ease. You can only consider these facts given below while buying a hooking bowling ball.


There is no debate on the fact that asymmetrical and symmetrical cores can make bowling balls aggressive. As a bowling ball for hooking needs to powerfully attack the lane and show some curving against the oil conditions, I think there are no better options than the symmetrical core. I have also tested asymmetrical cores that have turned out to be useful.

Cover Stock

You can get confused when you know that even categories of the cover stocks have subcategories. I don't think you have to go this deep to judge a bowling ball. You only need to know the primary types of cover stocks. 

Many store owners and websites might suggest you get a plastic cover stock as they can perform on most types of lanes featuring good control. But such a type doesn't feature longevity and proper hook potential. 

I think urethane and reactive resin cover stocks are way better in absorbing oil and featuring effective hooking. Particle cover stocks also do great. But such an option is not too common and might not fit in your budget.


Finishing matters a lot in hooking. A bowling ball near 1800 grit abalone is the perfect option for me to create better hooking on lanes. Experts usually guide to avoid sanded bowling balls in hooking. But sanded ones can also do well sometimes. But I suggest only to buy something that has a good polishing.

Weight Blocking

A bowling ball should have the least weight blocking feature to keep up the same amount of aggression on the whole lane. Otherwise, you can find the ball loosing hook potentiality.


If your fingers are comfortable with the pre-drilled holes, then there is no issue. But it is better to find a bowling ball with a solid cover stock that you can drill according to your fingers' comfort. Though you need to have an extra budget for getting your balls drilled, you can easily play with custom-drilled bowling balls. Custom ones feature your holes according to the exact alignment of your fingers. You can have proper gripping through custom holes without hurting your fingers.

Hook Ball Bowling Tips that can Help You

Today, my intention is not to describe the right way of bowling for the right amount of hooking. I am just highlighting some point that lets you have flawless hooking from now on. So, you can go through this section to know whether you are making any silly mistakes in your bowling technique or not.

Use Your Usual Approach

Depending on the bowling techniques, I find there are two types of bowlers; hook bowlers and straight bowlers. A bowler can use both techniques in a game and should not change the approaching style for any method. The bowler should keep the natural body language.

Be a Master at Straight Bowling First

You need to improve your straight bowling technique first if you are new at this method of bowling. Because there are lots of things similar between straight bowling and hook bowling. You can use the best bowling ball for hook beginners to practice in the early stages.

The Number of Steps Depend on You

You can take any type of step and have the freedom of fixing the amount of step you are going to have. Just remember to do a bit of warm-up before starting the game.

Final Step Does the Main Job

Always try to start working on hooking the bowl in the final step of your approach. You need to bend properly while taking your final step.

Keep Your Shoulders in the Right Angle

Keeping your shoulders facing toward the target increases the accuracy. Also, try to keep your hands straight till the follow-through. The swing of your main hand with the bowling ball should look like a pendulum.

Remove the Thumb for the Real Trick

Remember to start the hooking process by taking out your thumb from the hole of the bowling ball. Following the thumb, your index and middle finger should carry the whole weight of the ball.

Bring the Weight on Your Fingertips

You should never try to move your two fingers until your fingertips feel the weight of the ball. When you feel the weight at your fingertips, start moving your fingers. Make your wrist stays straight at that moment.

Take Out Your Fingers One by One

While moving your fingers, take your index finger out of the hole first. Then, remove your middle finger to finish the throwing and move to the follow-through part.

Keep the Follow-through Simple

In the follow-through, you need to keep your knees and waist steady. Even after throwing, keep your main hand moving upward and stop your hand when it's facing the target. It should look like you have offered a handshake to someone.


The capability of hooking the bowling ball consecutively in most lane conditions truly makes you a pro player. There is no other option than getting the best bowling ball for curve to master this technique. If you are new to this technique, then you should move forward and adopt this method of bowling to be one of the professionals. I have tried to show you everything about a good bowling ball and some good options too. Hope you consider today's instruction and reviews to get the right stuff without getting confused.

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