Best Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers

Many people say that only beginners follow the method, straight bowling. But when you do a little deeper research, you can know that even a few legends of this game have bowled straight in some cases. I also sometimes bowl straight using my Pyramid Path Bowling ball if necessary. The options of best bowling balls for straight bowlers are fewer than bowlers who depend on hooking. Despite, you can easily get one if you know some common considerations well. 

Best Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers

You don't need to look for too many things in a ball that you are about use in straight bowling. Moreover, a ball doesn't need to feature too many facilities to help you bowl well. You have to generate enough power and be accurate in targeting the pins to score a lot. 

Still, I want to shorten your search of finding a good ball for bowling straight. I am sharing my experience how I have managed to get some good bowling balls along with telling you the names of the balls that help me a lot in scoring well by bowling straight.

Balls for bowling straight are not too unique from other ones. They have less but effective features that let you score a lot of points in league games. These bowling balls need a lot of energy to cover the lane lengths. Besides, these balls have simple but heavy construction. You need to give lots of power in throwing such types of bowling balls for the better result.

Reviews of the Eligible bowling balls for Straight Bowlers

It's time to show the reviews of some bowling balls that I have used for practicing straight bowling in leagues. You can get one for yourself after going through this review section.

Brunswick’s Rhino Bowling Ball


The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball is another creation of Brunswick not only for straight bowlers of any level but also for beginners. So, either a new bowler or an intermediate bowler can use it. Whoever you are, if you are a straight bowler, then this ball is made for you.

With the combination of the R-16 reactive cover stock and a light bulb core, this ball is available in the weight range of 10 lb to 16 lb. Thus, various bowlers can use this in professional games.

Players who play in mostly drier conditions can use this bowling ball to keep a good score average. You can gain your best reactions from this bowling ball when the oil starts to get drained on a medium oil lane or when you’re bowling on a dry pattern. 

The reactive pearl cover stock offers you a smooth straight reaction and can beat the length of the lane perfectly. With less hook potential, this bowling ball is like a blessing to a young bowler.

Bottom Line

It features a Symmetrical light bulb core. With lower RG and low differential, it maintains smooth straight reactivity.

What I Like

  • The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball is designed for extreme dry lane conditions
  • This bowling ball features R-16 reactive cover stock.
  • It provides you a slight hook as a reaction.
  • This bowling ball tends to go perfectly straight
  • Its core is Light Bulb (12-16#) type, which provides you a smoother grip
  • This bowling ball also supplies you with the highest level of control
  • This Brunswick Rhino offers you flare potentiality

What I Didn’t Like

  • It loses its reactivity on medium to heavy oil lane conditions

MICHELIN’s Storm (Ice Storm) Bowling ball


The MICHELIN Storm Ice Bowling Ball owns the pearl polyester cover stock that helps to go straight. I think this is the best storm bowling ball I have ever used. It is additionally ideal for advanced level bowlers who need a spare ball for straight-shooting.

As this bowling ball is available in different sizes, bowlers of all ages can purchase this ball. I have been using this bowling ball as a straight bowler for quite a long time, and I am highly satisfied with its service.

This bowling ball improves the consistency of the game with its high power back-end reaction. So, if you are looking for a bowling ball that makes your bowling super-exciting, this ball is undoubtedly perfect for you then. 

The durability fact of this ball is quite positive, and as I have used this before, I must confess that this ball is proficient for straight bowlers.

The traditional 3-Piece pancake core helps the ball to go perfectly straight and pinpoints wherever the bowler wants.

This bowling ball attempts to avoid friction. For example, it doesn't do something like cutting hard in any kind of oil lane condition. This is the best part of this newly formulated bowling ball.

Bottom Line

The 3-piece core forces out the weight to expand straight-line speed.

What I Like

  • The bowling ball obtains a strong back-end pin reaction
  • The cover stock material of this bowling ball is pearl polyester
  • The 3500 grit abalone makes this bowling ball quite effective in straight bowling
  • The MICHELIN Storm Ice is recommended for any kind of lane condition
  • Its fine factory finish offers durability
  • The classical core which has three portions lets the ball go straight
  • This bowling ball also covers the maximum length with less power shooting

What I Didn’t Like

  • It has a very little hook potentiality.

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball


Firstly, in the matter of durability, the cover stock of this bowling ball is good enough. I think it's created for dominant throwing.

This new creation of Pyramid comes with a great number of colors and sizes. You can buy this one for many other purposes apart from only straight bowling and practicing.

The new era 139 symmetrical core offers a versatile ball motion. It also makes the bowling ball perfect for an extended lane. As I have been using it for a quite long time, it just makes me glad in every game.

This is a straight roll bowling ball that allows variation of drilling. So, any kind of bowling style perfectly matches it.

This Pyramid Path Rising is awesome for straight bowling, offering its best result on the medium-dry lane.

Also, the manufacturer has combined the modern cover stock and the core to make a solid construction that lets your ball go straight. Moreover, the construction features less hook to help beginners.

Bottom Line

With a medium (3-4") flare potential, this bowling ball hooks enough. But still, it provides straight bowlers a smooth straight roll.

What I Like

  • The reactive pearl cover stock of this Pyramid Path Rising bowling ball offers extra angular reaction
  • This Bowling Ball is excellent for medium-dry lane conditions
  • This Pyramid Path bowling ball does an extremely good task turning mid-lane traction into elaborate firepower at the back-end
  • This bowling ball is available in bountiful colors and sizes
  • The cover stock of this bowling ball finishes at 1500-Grit abalone
  • This bowling ball provides the perfect scale rating almost near 182
  • It does a great job with extended lengths because of strong cover stock
  • The core lets the ball hook less in most lane conditions

What I Didn’t Like

  • You can’t expect the bowling ball to do better in heavy oil lanes

Maxim Northern Lights Bowling Ball from Ebonite


The Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is one of the most famous polyester bowling balls among the bowlers. Hard polyester cover stock features bowlers with a smoother grip. 

The pancake core covered with hard polyester cover stock allows the ball a continuous straight roll yet perfect back end reaction. 

It gives its best performance on drier lane conditions, which is super cool for straight bowlers.

By providing the least hook potentiality for the beginners, spare shooting, and straight bowlers, this Ebonite Maxim Northern Lights Bowling Ball offers perfect control. 

With the cover stock finishing from 800 to 2000 Grit Abalone, this bowling ball provides you least (1.0 on a scale of 1-30 Least-Most) hook potentiality. 

You can drill the holes by yourself from any pro shop as there are no finger holes in this ball. Custom holes make lots of difference in bowling.

Bottom Line

The fantastic color combination, low odor, and quality of this bowling ball make me recommend it to you straight bowlers

What I Like

  • The Ebonite Maxim Northern Lights Bowling Ball foes well in drier lane conditions
  • This bowling ball is finished with 800 to 2000 Grit Abalones
  • The bowling ball features you with a powerhouse factory finish polish
  • This Ebonite Maxim Northern Lights Bowling Ball offers you very low hook potentiality
  • This bowling ball covers length with a straight back end reaction

What I Didn’t Like

  • This bowling ball is available in only one size

Venom Shock Bowling Ball Motiv Bowling Products


The Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball is another creation of MOTIV bowling products that provides the bowlers an interesting bowling experience at an affordable price. I bet you don't have to regret after buying this bowling ball.

This newly formulated bowling ball provides an interesting color combination. The coloration of Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball pops up on the lane. 

The Venom Shock cover stock has the latest Turmoil MFS that is a transformed version of the Turmoil HFS cover stock. Usually, cover stock counts 70% of the ball reaction. But due to the new formula and gear core, it provides the dynamic shape of the reaction. 

In a one-liner, the Venom Shock bowling ball is absolute through the frontal part of the lane. It also provides a continuous controlled down-lane motion.

For me, this bowling ball is a benchmark. It supports me to gain straightness and still maintain a great shape down-lane. I'm very pleased with the performance of this ball.

Bottom Line

With plenty of continuation, this bowling ball provides a predictable, controlled motion. Users can try this bowling ball in most oil lane conditions.

What I Like

  • This bowling ball gives a pleasing result on light to medium oil lane conditions
  • It offers you medium hook potentiality
  • This Motiv Venom Shock provides early length reaction.
  • It obtains 4000-grit abalone sanded factory finish
  • The cover stock features weight blocking that allows the ball to do better in dry and mid-oil lane conditions
  • The motion of this bowling is quite smooth, which makes it eligible for new bowlers

What I Didn’t Like

  • You can have some bad gripping issues when the ball gets older

Brunswick’s TZone Ocean Reef Bowling Ball


The manufacturer has specially made this bowling ball for those who want to do some power bowling and don't want to stay dependent on hooking. It is too simple to control and flawlessness in straight rolling. It fulfills your bowling desires at the beginning level.

The color combination of the Brunswick Twist is impressive, and it is available in many sizes. So, bowlers of any age can undoubtedly choose this bowling ball as their sort.

You need to drill the bowling ball as there are no finger holes in this ball, which lets you have customized and comfortable holes.

The polyester cover stock gives prominence to the bullet core. This allows bowlers to have a straight reaction.

Bottom Line

This bowling ball is an entry performance ball, which is designed for mostly lighter oil conditions. Besides, it obtains a medium hook on light oil conditions.

What I Like

  • The Brunswick Tzone Ocean Reef bowling ball features the bullet core
  • The backend reactivity might be less than other bowlers, but it's quite effective
  • This bowling ball is impeccable for beginners and straight bowlers
  • The polyester cover stock of this bowling ball offers you crown factory finish
  • The manufacturer features nine different sizes of this bowling balls to the bowlers
  • The motion of this bowling ball is quite predictable

What I Didn’t Like

  • This bowling ball has a lack of hook potentiality

Roto-Grip Own It Bowing Ball


You find it simple to clean clear the pins with this Roto Grip Own It Bowling Ball. This bowling ball accords you the best straight bowling experience you have ever got. This bowling ball is best for beginners who have the enthusiasm to be better in bowling.

The bowling ball is the right choice for dry lane conditions. But you can also use it in mid-oil lane conditions if you want.

As it finishes at 3500-grit abalone, it provides enough hook potentiality for a straight bowling performance. You can surely love how this ball rolls over the lane.

It's a super easy to use yet gives you enough hook potential. Likewise, its controlling force is phenomenal.

Bottom Line

The traditional 3 piece core covered with 10 spare red clear polyester cover stock allows you the best performance in straight bowling.

What I Like

  • This bowling ball features Red clear polyester cover stock
  • It provides you a slight hook as a reaction
  • This bowling ball tends to go perfectly straight
  • Its core material is symmetrical traditional 3 piece core
  • This bowling ball also provides you with the highest level of control
  • It finishes with 3500-grit polish
  • This bowling ball is perfect for dry lane conditions
  • This bowling ball gives you a year's warranty

What I Didn’t Like

  • This bowling ball is available only in one color

What to Concern before Buying the Best Bowling Ball?

Before buying a bowling ball to practice straight bowling, you don't need to think of too much stuff. Considering some small facts can lead you to the right ball you are looking for.

Lane Condition

Like many other situations, you need to consider the lane condition here also. A bowling ball for heavy oil lane conditions can't do so well in dry conditions. You need to depend on your power generation and targeting in this method. So, you have to be cautious while judging the lane you are going to attack.


Besides, you need to ensure the comfort of your fingers while gripping a bowling ball. That is why you should choose a solid cover stock if you don't find pre-drilled holes too cozy to put your fingers inside.

How to Buy the best Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers?

You don't need to look for some complex features like hook potentiality here. I am showing you which basic facts that you must look at in a bowling ball while purchasing.

Cover Stock

There are various types of cover stocks you can find in the market. My experience says very few of them can help you if you want to score without hooking. 

If the lane contains heavy oil, then only aggressive cover stocks can help you to do bowling. Other options are useless in this matter. 

For dry and mid-oil lane conditions, you need to pick pearl cover stocks for the better results. 

I use polyester cover stocks that work well in any condition if you are a straight bowler. Many might suggest you use urethane cover stocks, which is also a good option nowadays.


I don't have any doubt that symmetrical cores are the best for bowling straight. A ball having a symmetrical core inside can go straight and hit the pins well without changing the direction. So, there are no other options than buying symmetrical core bowling balls to be a good straight bowler.


Obviously, you need to buy a ball that weighs 1/10th of your body weight. But in this matter, you need to try buying a bit heavier ball. Heavy bowling balls can powerfully attack the lanes and hit pins.


You need to focus on the finishing of the cover stock well while buying a bowling ball. High finishing makes your bowling ball go straight. It also reduces friction to keep up the power of the bowling ball while covering the lane length. In this matter, anything around 1500 grit abalone can do the job well. So, I suggest looking for a bowling ball that has a very fine polishing on the cover stock.

Tips to Learn Bowling Using Best High Performance Bowling Balls

In my few years for bowling, I have followed a lot of tactics to become a pro bowler. I have already told you which bowling balls are the best options for you. But it is time to know how you can polish your technique while using such bowling balls. Straight bowling is a tough job as you need to gain perfect accuracy in this method. Now, I am not giving any instruction for bowling straight. I am only showing you the basics so that you can practice them well to become a good straight bowler.

The Basics of Straight Bowling

  • For a right-handed bowler, I advise you to try targeting 1, 3, and 5 no. pins. Pin no. 1, 2, and 5 are the targets for a lefty bowler.
  • Gripping decides lots of stuff. Your main hand's thumb, index, and middle finger should hold the bowling ball well. The placement of your hands decides how good your gripping is.
  • Your approach to the lane fixes the speed. Though straight bowling doesn't generate too much energy, you need to keep practicing your approach slowly but precisely.
  • You need a perfect ball which makes you more energetic. As an intermediate bowler, I advise you to learn to control the best reactive resin bowling balls so that you can use them to score better through bowling straight.
  • You should make a strategy for practicing straight bowling. You need to follow that strategy without any change every day to master the technique.
  • You need to get adapted to the weight of your bowling ball. Otherwise, you can end up scoring low or make any blunder during the approach.
  • A little bit of warm-up is good for your body. Though warm-ups don't have any relation with the performance of bowling. It is to make sure you don't get any cramp or muscle sprain that keeps you out of bowling for weeks.
  • Observing the lane condition is good. It helps to make a better game plan. You can pick the right ball from your collection, depending on the lane situation.


Bowling straight is the first stage of becoming a pro bowling. As most straight bowlers are new to the bowling, they should start precisely by using good bowling balls and practicing the right way of straight bowling. I strictly advise them to increase their aiming accuracy and fix their body language in the approach score higher in the future. Along, they should give time in the search for getting the options of bowling balls in the market.

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