How to Throw a Straight Bowling Ball?

The main goal of the bowling ball game is to hook all the pins and to get maximum striking points in each spin. To do so, it requires a perfect and flawless shot so that the ball can run through the lane without missing the target.

When the hand and wrist are aligned in such a way that they maintain a straight line at the moment of releasing the ball, then it gets the maximum speed and target accuracy which helps in getting more points easily. But to do so, one must follow the steps of how to throw a straight bowling ball properly.

To continue straight arm while delivering the ball, the player needs lots of practice and determination to increase the chances of winning every time.

What Are the Advantages of a Straight Bowling Ball?

There are lots of shots and tricks that are implemented in the bowling ball game to get more points and strikes in each spin. But according to the professionals, straight arm bowling is one of the best shots which can improve the game-play to the master level. To maintain perfection in this shot, a lot of practice is required to control the shot.

The technique of straight ball throw is very popular because the chances of strikes increase greatly if delivered perfectly. If a bowling ball player gets succeeded in delivering a straight throw, then the speed of the ball can be controlled easily according to desire.

This will help in lining up with the oil patterns and can result in a perfect lane carry. Besides, the target accuracy is guaranteed if the ball is thrown straight which eventually helps to score more points than others. Another important advantage of the straight throwing technique is that the chances of foul are minimized as the ball travels along with the arrows of the lane.

Since the total pressure is distributed on the wrist and hand equally if they are maintained straight while delivering; the game-play gets comfortable as the hurting of hands can be eliminated. So, to get the best bowling ball results everyone must work on perfecting the strsight arm bowling ball throw.

How to Deliver a Straight Bowling Ball Perfectly?

Since the best way to score maximum strikes is to deliver a straight bowling ball, it is one of the most desired spinning technique among all bowling lovers. But many of the players fail to do so because of lack of practices and wrong throwing techniques which rather results in ruining the entire game. 

The first and foremost activity that is needed to be kept in mind is to practice this shot from the beginning of learning continuously until it gets perfect. Because with daily practice and determination, the straight throw ball can be done easily.

There are some pro tips and tricks to get a perfectly straight delivery of the ball every time. The steps to make you teach a proper way to bowl straight are as follows:

  1. 1
    The perfect and comfortable holding of the ball is the main thing which is needed to be focused on before starting bowling. The ball should be held in such a way that the fingers can easily enter the hole without sticking or hurting on the edge of the finger holes. With a proper grip and comfortable holding, anyone can deliver a proper shot.
  2. 2
    After getting a proper thumb grip, the ball is needed to be rested on the palm of the hands rather than the fingers. Before starting the run-up, the ball is needed to be held at the height of the chest leaning on the right side. This will help to control the ball easily while delivering. The left-handed players will have to do the same steps on the left side.
  3. 3
    While holding the ball and standing on the starting point, the wrist is needed to be kept straight aligned with the hand. In this case, the other hand can be used to balance the weight of the bowling ball. While standing, the player must select the arrow sign on the lane following which the delivery of the ball will happen. The right-handed players should select the right arrows to get a smooth lane carry and to minimize foul and vice versa for the left-handed.
  4. 4
    A very important thing is needed to be kept in mind which is the opposite foot must land before the foul with the hand-selected for throwing. According to the professionals, 4 steps of run-up works best before the foul line. This can be practiced without holding the ball a few times before the game to choose a perfect starting point.
  5. 5
    After starting run-up, the ball is needed to be swung back and forth to gain momentum. When the first step is taken, the ball must be taken forward with the support of the other hand. Then with the second step, the ball should go to the back. In this case, let go of the ball and let it freely move down. The fingers will gently hold the ball while keeping the wrist straight.
  6. 6
    Before taking the final step, the ball should be held back at a maximum height to get a booster shot with high power. Then place the feet before the foul line and then swing the hand maintaining the elbow, wrist, and hand straight in a line before releasing the ball.
  7. 7
    When the ball gets closer to the desired lane arrow, release the ball from fingers and swing the hand up to the chest or head. In this way, the ball can get maximum power and cannot miss the target accuracy since the oil tracks can be resisted easily.

So, to get success in delivering a straight ball, the above steps are needed to be practiced continuously to ensure winning in every match.


The best way to achieve a professional game-play is to practice the shot continuously. If the ball is delivered keeping the hands and wrists straight, the chances of hitting maximum strikes increase to a great extent. It also reduces the pain in fingers since the pressure cannot be felt if practiced properly.

To make more progress in the game, it is necessary to learn how to roll a bowling ball straight. In this way, not only the game-play will be improved but also the attention and applause of all the sports lovers can be achieved every time.

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