How to Stop Squeezing the Bowling Ball?

The chances of winning a bowling ball game increase if a player knows the correct way of holding the ball. Though the main target is to hook all the pins down, this requires lots of practice for holding and throwing the ball properly.

The most common problem that is faced by all the players is the squeezing of the ball before throwing. So the players who know how to stop squeezing the bowling ball perfectly can make a smooth delivery of the ball. 

If the ball is held following some pro-tips then it becomes easier to get a strong grip and a flawless delivery of the ball resulting in comfortable, perfect, and getting a winning shot every time.

The main reason behind the squeezing incident of the bowling balls is due to the inappropriate holding in the holes. If the holes for gripping the ball do not fit the fingers properly then there arises a chance of squeezing. Especially, the thumb hole must have a proper measurement for the thumb of the players so that it fits in such a way that the pressure of the ball couldn’t hurt the finger.

If the holes for holding the bowling ball are too tight or too loose for the fingers, then the player faces problems in getting a proper grip. For this reason, the player tries to hold the ball with fingers rather than the palm which results in squeezing the ball surface at the time throwing.

Due to excessive tight holding of the holes with fingers as well as thumb, the pressure is created on the outer covering of the ball for which it deforms and gets squeezed. Due to this problem, the player faces lots of problems in hooking the pins correctly as the ball cannot spin in the oil patterns due to uneven and squeezed surface. So, all the players must practice delivering a spin without squeezing the ball.

Pro tips for preventing squeezing of Bowling Balls

To get a perfect and match-winning shot every time, the player must have an idea about how tight should the thumb hole be on a bowling ball. There are lots of tips and tricks for holding the ball that can prevent any squeezes on the spinning surface and will result in a perfect delivery in every session.

The main focus is given on the adjustment of the thumb hole. The hole must be measured in such a way that, the thumb finger after inserting in the hole can touch the resting end straight. In this way, the whole pressure is felt on the palm rather than the thumb.

Some effective bowling ball tricks for eliminating squeezing on the surface are as follows:

  1. 1
    The thumb hole on the ball must be adjusted according to the size of the thumb of the respective players. In this case, the ball can be taken to a shop for repairs, or at home, it can be fixed with the process of sanding and tape in the hole to make necessary size adjustments.
  2. 2
    There are lots of players who use bevel sander on the ball regularly. This causes harm to the surface rather than making improvements by decreasing the sharpness of the ball surface. The dull covering cannot get a proper grip in the oil tracks and thus the chances of winning decrease. So all the players must refrain from using bevel sander on the ball.
  3. 3
    At the time of throwing the ball, the thumb must be placed in the thumb hole so that the upper part of the finger rests in the inner plate of the hole. That is, the thumb is needed to be kept straight and shouldn’t be bent at the time of delivery. In this way, the thumb can relax and the whole pressure of the ball is distributed on the palm resulting in minimum squeezing.
  4. 4
    The ball should not be held too much tightly with fingers. By keeping the wrist straight to the ground and holding the ball lightly giving weight pressure of the ball upon the palm, a perfect grip and delivery are possible reducing the chance of squeezing.
  5. 5
    The thumbhole must be adjusted in such a way that, the outer edges of the hole can hold the thumb when inserted. That is, the thumb must be held tightly keeping minimum free space for it to move in the hole. This can be done using thick tape.

Though the tips for preventing squeezing of the balls are not easy to be maintained at one time, daily practice and inner confidence can help a lot to improve the game-play of every player.

Use of Bowling Ball sander

Bowling ball hole sander is used mainly to reconstruct the surface of the ball to adjust the lane patterns. The ball is placed on a spinner and with sandpaper, the ball is rubbed evenly to get the desired surface shape.

The finger holes can be re-designed using sander as well.
Besides, another important use of sander is to bring in a shiny look. By polishing the ball surface, a shiny appearance can be brought which makes the ball more beautiful and increases durability.

The sandpapers are classified based on the Grit point which denotes the thickness and ability to make the ball look shiny.


All the players face the problem of squeezing the surface while playing a bowling ball game. This is because of a lack of proper practice and knowledge of holding the ball perfectly. If the rules for holding a ball are maintained with accuracy, then the chances of squeezing decrease to a great extent.

The deformation on the ball surface creates a massive disturbance and ruins the overall game-play which ultimately results in losing the match. So, all the players must follow the pro tips and tricks for making a perfect delivery to increase the chances of winning.

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