How to Resurface a Bowling Ball Without a Spinner?

The perfect game-play in the bowling ball game depends on the condition of the ball. If a standard quality is maintained then the chances of winning the match increases to a great extent. This can be possible only if the maintenance of the ball is done from time to time.

The outer covering of the ball is needed to be cleaned and polished to maintain a first-class lane carry. Since the cost of a spinner is very expensive, all the players have a common question about how to resurface a bowling ball without a spinner. This problem can be easily solved using various sandpapers and cleaner spray.

The bowling ball is needed to be resurfaced to make a clean and shiny outer covering that can easily maintain grip in the lane to hit the target easily.

We know that the lane is covered with lubricants to maintain smoothness and perfect lane carry. When the bowling ball is delivered, a ring of oil and dust is imprinted on the outer surface of the ball cover from the lane. This dirt ring gradually increases on every spin and sticks to the ball surface creating blockage on the pores. 

Thus the ball loses grip as the surface is flattened. The accuracy in shot and lane carry is hampered due to this problem which ultimately ruins the ball quality. So it is very important to clean the oil and dust ring after every session. This process is known as the resurfacing of the bowling ball.

When a ball is resurfaced, then the outer cover of the bowling ball gets cleaned. This will result in the clearing of the surface pores which were blocked by oil and dirt from the lane. Besides, if the ball is resurfaced from time to time after every 5-6 rounds of the game, then the standard condition remains intact.

Resurfacing bowling balls from a pro shop will give much better results because of the deep cleaning process and polishing. This will not only clean the ball but also will increase the shining texture of the outer cover. So a bowling ball needs resurfacing frequently to increase the chances of winning the game every time.

How to Resurface a Bowling Ball?

To resurface a ball perfectly a bowling ball spinner is required. The ball is evenly cleaned and polished if a spinner is used. Besides, the resurfacing becomes easy and time-efficient with a spinner. But the cost of this ball spinner is high for which many people cannot maintain the proper condition of the ball. Besides, making a spinner at home requires many utensils and expense as well.

There are lots of pro tips and tricks to resurface the ball without the spinner. If these steps are followed properly then anyone can get a similar result of bowling ball polishing. In this case, a special type of paper is used to resurface the ball that increases the roughness, cleans the dirt, and also polishes the surface altogether at a time. This is known as the bowling ball sandpaper.

These sandpapers can maintain the perfect condition of the ball without a spinner if some steps are followed. Let’s start the steps of resurfacing a bowling ball with sandpaper to alternate the use of spinner:

  1. 1
    The main step to start the resurfacing process is to select a suitable type of sandpaper for the ball. There are lots of sandpapers out there among which- 3M Scotchbrite, Abralon pads, SIA air sandpapers, etc. are mostly used and recommended by the professionals. The main purpose of this sandpaper is to clean the oil and dust ring from the outer cover and to polish the whole body to look it shinier. 
  2. 2
    Hold the ball tightly using a ball holder or anything else so that the ball cannot move while rubbing. Prepare the sandpapers and a bottle of water to spray it on the ball cover. Rinse the sandpaper with water and then rub the ball surface evenly in such a way that no spot remains missing. At the time of rubbing, excessive pressure should not be given to avoid squeezing the ball. The upper half of the ball should be rubbed in such a way that, the sand layers cover the upper surface evenly.
  3. 3
    In this way, a rough layer of sand is created in the upper half of the ball. Then using the water sprayer, the sand particles are sprayed thoroughly. The benefit of spraying water is that it ensures a deep clean of the oil and dirt ring on the ball surface.
  4. 4
    After spraying water, a microfiber paper cloth should be used to rub the ball until the surface gets completely dry. When the ball is removed from the holder after cleaning the water, a clear difference can be seen between the upper and lower half of the ball. The resurfaced half of the ball will look much shinier, polished, and rough than the other half.
  5. 5
    Repeat the same steps with the lower half of the ball.

In this way, a bowling ball can be easily resurfaced without a ball spinner to get effective and similar results. The purpose of sanding a bowling ball for more hook and getting more points is always an effective way to score more points.

How to use Abralon pads

Abralon pads are one of the most popular sandpapers used for polishing and cleaning the bowling ball. The main reason behind this is that, polishing with Abralon pads will increase the Grit number of the balls highly and thus the ball will look shinier.

To resurface the ball with Abralon pads, the ball is needed to be placed in a spinner or a holder. Then the upper half of the ball is rubbed gently with a minimum pressure of hand evenly. When the sand layer covers the whole surface, the ball should be sprayed with enough water.

Then rub the ball with a microfiber cloth to get a cleaned and polished ball surface. These steps are needed to be done similarly with the other half of the ball.
To increase the grit number, the ball is needed to be resurfaced frequently to make the ball shinier and more durable.


The performance of a bowling ball depends on its surface condition and to keep the standard quality of the ball intact, resurfacing is a must. It increases the grip of the ball, accuracy of the target and also improves lane carry.

Since the bowling ball resurfacing cost is high in pro shops due to the use of spinner, this excessive money can be saved if sandpapers are used instead. So, using sandpaper at home, the resurfacing of a ball gets cheaper and much easier.

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