How to Make a Bowling Ball Spinner?

Bowling ball game is very popular due to the competitive and skill development features. Though the main goal of this game is to score points with a ball, there are lots of issues that are needed to be kept in mind to win the game. Among them, maintenance of the ball is very significant.

To maintain a perfect condition of the ball, it must be cleaned and rubbed by using a spinner to get an accurate shot in the game. Since these spinners are very expensive, a very common question is heard- how to make a bowling ball spinner at home?

By using a spinner, it gets easier to clean, polish, or even making any color strips without any fault.

The bowling ball spinner is mainly used to maintain the performance of the balls. It becomes difficult for the players to rub a ball perfectly after the game. This is because there might be many spots which are not cleaned evenly while rubbing and polishing. Besides, it takes a lot of time and effort to clean the balls with a free-hand. 

So to clean, rub, and polish the ball evenly without leaving any spots, a bowling ball spinner can be used. By placing the ball on the spinner, the bowling ball is rotated at a high speed and thus it gets easier to clean the ball in less time.

The bowling ball spinner is mainly made on the concept of a rotating object on which the ball is placed to perform various tasks. The rotating body is firmly attached to a base where it cannot move or dislocate. Placing the ball on the spinning surface, external power is supplied which creates a high-speed rotation of the surface as well as the bowling ball.

There must be certain adjustments and precautions that are needed to be followed for safe and flawless cleaning. These spinners can be bought from any sports shop or can be made at home easily. The main purpose of this machine is to provide easy and time-efficient cleaning and polishing of the bowling ball.

Homemade Bowling Ball Spinner

How to Make a Bowling Ball Spinner

The bowling ball spinners are very expensive and many people cannot maintain the quality of the ball due to the lack of a spinner. So every bowling ball player thinks of having a spinner of their own. These types of ball spinners can be easily made at home with the help of daily utensils. 

To own home made bowling ball spinner, few simple steps are needed to be followed so that a perfectly functioning spinner can be built at a very low cost. Many people have been trying to build a DIY bowling ball spinner following many ideas.

The main concept of making a bowling ball spinner is to make a rotating surface on which the ball can be kept and cleaned with ease. One of the best ways to make a spinner at home is by using an electric drill and a big bowl.

In this method, a steel bowl is attached to the rotating pin of the drill machine so that it becomes a rotating surface where the ball can be fitted. So let’s see how to make this cheap bowling ball spinner at home:
At first, make a firm a base or stage where a drill machine can be attached in such a way that it doesn’t get dislocated.

In a steel bowl (larger size than the ball) make a hole at the bottom. Then insert the rotating pin of the drill in that hole and attach it firmly with a nut and bolt. There must be a plate or a rubber surface in between the rotating bowl and drill machine so that water doesn’t come in contact with the machine compartment while spraying on the ball.

The edge of the steel bowl should be surrounded by a rubber padding which will help to give a strong grip to the bowling ball while rotating.
A 5-speed Drill machine can be used for better performance since the speed can be controlled according to desire.

In this a by setting up the bowl, if the drill is connected to power then a rotating surface can be established for cleaning and polishing the ball easily.

Spinner Made from Restored Electric machines

Building a spinner from the unused electric machines is one of the best bowling ball spinner plans. In this way, unused machines can be restored. To make such a spinner following steps are taken:

The motor of the unused machine is separated carefully and should be checked whether it’s working or not. Then in a strong base, the motor is attached firmly. A rotating surface is placed with a rubber ribbon with the motor pin which will work as the holding surface for the bowling ball.

Now, if power is supplied to the motor, the rubber connecting the holding plate will rotate and thus the ball can be cleaned easily. In this way, an unused electric machine can be restored to make a spinner for easy and time-efficient ball maintenance.

Two Handed Bowling Ball

One of the most tricky and effective ways to score easy points by hooking the maximum number of pins is to spin the ball with a two-handed ball. In this technique, the ball can spin with an additional speed and power due to the use of a double-handed shot. 

The oil tracks can be easily dismissed by the ball and thus chances of winning increases to a great extent if a two-handed shot is played.

At present, there are lots of bowling balls that are made especially for two-handed. Among them, the three best balls are:


To maintain the quality condition of the bowling ball and to get success in the game, the ball must be cleaned and polished thoroughly after every match or session. For this reason, the need for a ball spinner is immense. 

By using a spinner, it becomes very easy to rub and polish the ball without leaving any spots and thus the ball can be cleaned evenly.
Though the professional spinners are very costly, it can be easily made at home from household materials at a very low cost.

So, everyone can make their spinner at home and can get a time-efficient and effective result.

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