Best Bowling Ball for Spares

​Why is the best bowling ball for spare essential when you already have a strike ball? Well, it gives you a second chance in case the ten pins are still there.

Best Bowling Ball for Spares

A spare ball gives you versatility on your strike and helps you cope with the different lane conditions. You will not use your main ball if the pins are still standing after the first shot. Otherwise, the ball will hook. 

Bowling spare balls will help you hit all the pins and win the board. We have rounded up the seven best spare balls for you through in-depth research and analysis. Now you have to pick the best fit for you for your next bowling tournament.

​You can go through reviews of some famous bowling balls. You need to observe the bowling ball comparison discussions well to know which one suits your type of game most.

​Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


This affordable spare ball is excellent for beginners. If you are worried about the straight shots and stability, get this polyester wrap ball. It will make bowling fun in almost every lane condition.

The polyester coverstock gives the ball its look and durability. You can use this ball for a long time in any bowling alley.

However, the only thing that may bother you is the weight. The heavyweight ball stabilizes the revolution and keeps the shots straight.

If you are new on the lane and what to make an impact, the heavyweight will help you. The weight ensures a perfect impact on the pins. Besides, for the novices, it offers stability. 

The look of the ball is inspiring for the bowlers. You can pick from four shades to get your best bowling ball for shooting spares. The TZone core ensures the ball stays stable on the bowling lane and hits straight. 

The low hook potential gives you an excellent opportunity to grip the ball for winning shots. You can use it on any lanes; however, it works best on dry lanes.

What I Like

  • ​Great for short shots
  • ​Four colour options
  • ​Highly durable polyester ball
  • ​Affordable

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Heavyweight than other spare balls
  • ​Low hook potential

​Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball


The Pyramid Path Rising is a multi-purpose spare ball with a very high-performance rating. Are you a newbie and want to make your path towards the top chart in the bowling alley? Get one of them right now. 

The core of this high-quality spare ball is a New Era 139 Symmetric variety. This variation offers a variety of drilling. Besides, the pancake core even out any deviation and gives you the power of straight-line shots. 

You will be surprised to see the performance of the Path Reactive Pearl coverstock. It gives an angular or sometimes delayed reaction. The coverstock will increase your bowling speed and turn you into a pro from beginner's level. 

This ball is ideal for medium-dry lanes. Thus, you should carry one of it in your next bowling bout.

What I Like

  • ​Highly Durable
  • ​It has 8 different styles
  • ​Straight shot power
  • ​Diverse weight limit
  • ​Easy to customize

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Not ideal for oily lanes

​Storm Match Up Bowling Ball  


This multi-skill level bowling ball is known for its stability on the lanes. The newly designed core offers multiple entry angles for every shot. With a little higher price, you will get top-notch performance. 

If you are looking for more hook and flare in the lanes, get this Match-Up ball. This bowling spare ball has been modified from its earlier Match versions with more hook potential. These features add more entry angle and an enhanced pin carry. 

The reactor pearl reactive coverstock connects efficiently with the modified core. It gives this best plastic bowling ball it's straightway to the pocket.  

Finishing off the coverstock makes the ball great for almost any lane conditions. You can deal with the oily wooden surface; however, this excellent bowling spare ball works best on the dry-medium surfaces. 

You may find a very few tiny pit holes on the coverstock. Do not worry. They will not affect the performance of this spare ball. 

The only issue you may find with this best spare ball is the price. Nevertheless, it is always worth paying more for a great return.

What I Like

  • ​Higher hook potential
  • ​More stable on the lane
  • ​Diverse entry angle

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Little pricey than other brands like Roto Grip

​Motiv Midnight Sniper


The name said all about this best bowling ball for shooting spares. It will shoot a straight shot on the bowling lane like a sniper. 

Symmetrical core gives this ball its unique move on dry, oily, or spare shooting lanes. You can make some tremendous short pattern move with this ball. All the credit goes to its slightly lower positioned core. 

If you are looking for a perfectly straight shot, this is the best spare ball of your choice. The symmetrical hollow-core gives stability. Besides, the non-traditional Uranthane made adds more revolution on each shot. 

This is a multi-role bowling ball. You can use it both as a spare ball and main strike ball. Weightwise, the ball suite on both roles. If you use a fingertip style, taking down ten boards with this best plastic bowling ball is like a breeze. 

TruShot polyethene gives durability to this ball. No matter how many roles you do with it, the ball will shine like a new one. The colour prevents any dirt or scuffs from showing on the surface. Above all, the colour combination is perfect for any fun-fill bowling nights. 

On any bowling lane conditions, you can score high with this ball. Either it is a dry lane or oily wooden lane, this plastic ball will perform better than any of its counterparts. 

What I Like

  • ​Stay straight on the lane
  • ​Great outlook
  • ​Works even on the oily lanes
  • ​Easy to clean

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Pricey

​Ebonite Maxim Northern Lights Bowling Ball


This lightweight spare ball will enlighten your bowling nights with agility. Besides, the ball is affordable and suits all levels of bowling expertise. 

It comes with a core of 3-layers. The combination of tri-layer core and polyester coverstock makes this one of the most perfect choices for spare plastic balls. 

The weight and price both are light on this spare ball. Lightweight makes it easy to shoot the spare pins in any lane condition. The balanced core makes the straight shots easy.

Pricewise, this is one of the best bowling balls for shooting spares. Anyone can afford the ball for its price, and anyone can use it due to the lightweight. If you are a big fan of bowling but not sure about how much you should invest, this ball will be an excellent starter for you.

What I Like

  • ​The core design is superior for straight shots
  • ​Multicolour options
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Lightweight

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Hook potential is not reliable

​DV8 Zombie Spare Viz-A-Ball


Like a Zombie, DV8 spare bowling balls will not leave you until you win the game. It will let you keep your natural grip and bowling pattern. This ball is one of the best spare balls at an affordable price.

The polyester coverstock makes the ball fast. Moreover, it is the perfect ball for your forward hooking motion. You can make aggressive moves on any oily or dry lanes when you have this unique looking ball with you.

The position of the holes for gripping is made according to your convenience. You do not have to make any adjustments with your throwing action. Both beginner and pro-level players love this ball for this convenience. 

Controlling the speed is comfortable with this ball. The polyester coverstock and conventional core give it the signature manoeuvrability. With a very high rev rate, this ball will make you shine on any bowling night.

What I Like

  • ​Highly affordable
  • ​Can run on oily lanes
  • ​It can handle any rough surfaces on the lane

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Left-hand shots will veer too much towards left

​MICHELIN Storm Clear Storm Bowling Ball


This one of the most simple spare balls of our review. This classic piece will give you customizable comfort with superior performance. 

You will receive the ball without any hole on the coverstock. This gives you an excellent opportunity to drill the grip holes according to your comfort and hand measurement. It will enhance your performance.

Proper grip comes with great hoking. In the bowling alley, hooking your spare can make a difference between tragedy and triumph. Make sure your hand is not oily, due to sweating. Otherwise, you may lose your grip.

The outlook of the ball is mesmerizing. A navy blue impression of a storm over a creamy white background will make any storm fan to get the ball. Do not worry about your budget. This best plastic bowling ball comes at an affordable price. 

It will give you the best straight shots on any lane conditions. However, this best bowling ball for shooting spares works best on dry lanes. Except for all the dirt and scuffs on the white surface, this is one of the spare bowling balls.

What I Like

  • ​Easily customizable grip holes
  • ​Fewer hooks than any other balls
  • ​Great outlook

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​You can see all the dirt and scuffs

​What to Consider Before Buying the Best Spare Ball? 

The best bowling spare balls should be robust and durable. In the bowling lanes, the spare bowling balls take a lot of tolls. They roll and hit numerous times to make you triumphant. Thus, you need to look for a spare ball made with polyester and comes with cover stock. 

Make sure the surface of the polyester cover stock is not porous. Otherwise, it will make the grip lose and can hamper your straight shot. The main problem with the porous surface is, they quickly absorb oil. An oily surface makes it difficult to strike the spare pin. 

Weight is a vital factor for a spare ball. Whatever the weight of your best plastic bowling ball, try to pick the spare a pound less. It is essential to have the maximum comfort when you are switching from your main strike ball to a spare bowlingball.

Price is essential while buying a spare ball. We want you to break the scoreboard but not your bank account. Always go for the trusted brands for both the primary and spare balls. These balls will be your best friend on different lane conditions.

​How to Choose the Best Bowling Balls for Spares?

​As you already know what to consider before buying the best bowling spare balls so choosing the perfect one for you will be easy. We have done some extensive research and found the following factors vital for any spare ball.


Materials are directly related to durability. The made will ensure how much scratches and bumps the ball can withstand. Besides, the material also defies the longevity of the spare balls.

Plastic balls are one of the most common options for the bowlers. They are more durable and can take high tolls. Moreover, they are lighter in weight than their other counterparts. This weight balance makes the shot dead straight with the best plastic bowling ball. 

New generation bowling balls are made with hybrid materials like polyethene and polyester. They offer better durability along with shot capacity. However, some of them may be a little heavy in weight.  

​Hook Potential

The hook potential is essential for a better grip. For a pro-level bowler, a better grip can make a difference between tragedy and triumph. Therefore, it is better to get a bowling spare ball with higher hook potential. 

You will not get higher hok potential even with the best plastic bowling ball. On the contrary, urethane and reactive resin balls will give you higher hook potential for any lane conditions. 

If you are a newbie, you can take the risk of buying a spare ball with low hook potential. When you are sure about your skills, switch to a modified spare ball.


You should pick a weight limit that you can carry and control well. No matter either it is a lightweight or a heavy ball. As long as you can make perfect shots with those spare bowling balls, you are the hero. 

Beginners will be more comfortable with lightweight balls. These will help them to have better control. Besides, some women bowlers prefer lighter versions. 

The weight range varies from 3-lbs to 18-lbs. Some of the heavier ones are used as both strike balls and spare balls. The lighter ones will help you turn into a pro-level bowler.

​Lane Conditions

Even the best spare bowling balls cannot perform equally on all types of lanes. Some of them shine like a star in dry lanes, whereas others show flairs in oily wooden lanes. 

Typically, spare balls with low flare potential work best in the dry lanes. They will give you some of the best straight shots on the lane. 

Bowling balls with medium flare potential are ideal for medium dry and oily lanes. Some of the best spare balls will give you a straight shot even in the greasy surfaces.


If you want to be ultra-confident in the oily lanes, go for the hardcover stock options. These lightweight options work best in any oily lanes.


It depends on your budget and match situations. In most of the matches, you might not take out the spare ball. Thus, it will not be a great idea to spend a lot on spare balls.

As the spare balls are used rarely in a match, so it is wise to pick the affordable ones. Do not get deceived with the low price. Some of them are hidden gems. You just have to be the gem hunter.

However, there is no harm in spending a big chunk of money for the best plastic bowling ball. If you can afford an expensive one, it will enhance both your performance and satisfaction.


Picking the best is difficult if you have multiple options. All the best bowling balls for shooting spares in our review are unique with match-winning features. However, they suited best with particular conditions and preferences. 

It will be easy for you to pick the best bowling ball for spares now. Think about your skills, preferences, and the lane conditions of the bowling arena. We are sure you have already set to pick the right one for you.

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