Best Bowling Ball for House Shot

​Many of you might be familiar with the House shot. It is a part of the lane where you can find the high density of oil to help you in bowling. Apart from dry lanes, you can see various oil patterns with different conditions in almost all bowling lanes. 

The house shot is to fix your errors and let you score lots of points. But you need to have the best bowling ball for house shot to attack the oil pattern precisely.

Best Bowling Ball for House Shot

Oil conditions don't let every bowling ball to work well. In my few years of bowling, I have tested lots of balls on medium to heavy oil patterns.

Among them, I find Hammer's Gauntlet fury and a few others pretty effective till now. To help all the other bowlers, I am reviewing all those bowling balls that have helped me a lot. And along with that, I am telling you the criteria to identify a good bowling ball.

​Having a good fragrance is not a mandatory feature. But you can buy a new scented bowling ball for your next season if you want. Such type of bowling ball doesn't cost you extra at all.

Like other types of good bowling balls, best house shot bowling balls stay durable and perform well like new for many seasons. The only difference here is the weight and the type of cover stock. 

House shot bowling balls are a bit heavier than other bowling balls. The cover stock of these bowling balls let you control them with ease. Besides, they feature solid gripping to attack the house shot.

​Reviews of Some of the Best Bowling Balls

​I have tested several bowling balls on different oil pattern lanes. Few of them have proven to help you keep a good score average. To help you get a good bowling ball, I am recommending some names below that have helped me in house shot bowling.

​Path Rising Bowling Ball by Pyramid


The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is a good option for a house shot bowling game. The newly formulated era of 139 Symmetric Core offers the bowlers drilling diversion. However, for bowlers with high ambition, this bowling ball is quite suitable.

Bowlers of any age can select this bowling ball as there's quite a great number of variety in sizes and colors. I am fascinated by the cover stock color, especially with the black-silver pearl cover stock.

The cover stock of this bowling ball is durable enough, and I think it's designed for powerful throwing.

The polished factory finishing of the Pyramid Path Rising is made for an extended length. So, this ball can provide you your desired score.

Bottom Line

​This bowling ball is best for entry-level performers who want consistency in their bowling score.

What I Like

  • ​The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is optimal for medium-dry lanes
  • ​This bowling ball is perfect for entry-level performance
  • ​This Pyramid Path bowling ball does an awesome job turning mid-lane traction into tricky firepower on the back end
  • ​The reactive pearl cover stock of this bowling ball offers a more angular reaction
  • ​In this bowling ball, size and color diversity are found
  • ​This bowling ball finishes at 1500-Grit abalone
  • ​Perfect scale rating of this bowling ball is 181.30

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball is not suitable for greasy or heavy oil lane conditions

​Twist Bowling Ball by Brunswick


The Brunswick Twist Reactive Bowling Ball is another creation by Brunswick. The ball offers the bowlers an advanced twist on ball reaction.

This bowling ball is highly recommended for dry lane conditions. It is also perfect for a house shot straight line bowlers. It is super easy to control and gives perfection in straight rolling that satisfies your bowling desires. 

The color combination of the Brunswick Twist is impressive, and it is available in many sizes. So, bowlers of all ages can easily find this bowling ball as their type.

You have to drill the ball by yourself as there are no finger holes in this ball, and the drilling fees are not included with the price.

Bottom Line

​This bowling ball is an entry performance ball, designed for mostly lighter oil conditions. Besides, it obtains a medium hook on light oil conditions.

What I Like

  • ​The Brunswick Twist Reactive Bowling Ball is formulated 16 reactive with the new twist low diff core to create simple length with a powerful but controllable backend reaction
  • ​This bowling ball is a great option for those bowlers who are looking forward to an advanced step up from plastic or spare ball
  • ​The motion of this bowling ball is very predictable and easy to learn
  • ​This bowling ball has a new twist on ball reaction yet user-friendly to the bowlers of all ages and skill levels
  • ​It gives a fair performance on drier lane conditions too

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball doesn't have strong hook potentiality

​Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball by Hammer


The Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball by Hammer hits hard on medium or heavy lane conditions. This bowling ball is considered as the best bowling ball for sport shots because of its angularity.

The asymmetrical gauntlet core provides enough hook potentiality. For advanced level bowlers, I suggest this bowling ball.

Its reactive cover stock of Semtex Pearl CFI turns any wet stuff into fuel for an incendiary break-point motion, providing you a great hit towards the pin.

Bowlers can hit rock-like with this Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball from a variety of angles. Thus, your opponent may get confused.

Bottom Line

​​​With significant flare potentiality, this ball is so far the best option for medium oil and heavy oil lane conditions.

What I Like

  • ​The Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball is ideal for medium to heavy oil lane conditions
  • ​The bowling ball finishes with 1000-Grit Abalone
  • ​The polished finishing of this bowling ball gives the extra down lane reaction
  • ​It obtains an off-kilter angular motion and progressive recovery on the back end
  • ​This gauntlet Fury also has a strong mid-lane reaction

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The performance of the Gauntlet Fury is a disaster on dry lane conditions

​White Dot Bowling Ball by Bowlerstore Products


The White Dot Bowling Ball by Bowlerstore Products is a good option for house pattern bowling. This bowling ball construction has most of the features to use for professional purposes. However, this bowling ball makes your bowling more fun. You don’t have to regret after buying this ball.

With the wonderful transaction, this bowling ball rolls fantastically. By providing enough hook potentiality for the beginners and spare shooting bowlers, this bowling ball helps to get high scores.

You can find varieties in the size of this bowling ball. Any type of bowler can get the preferred size with ease.

Bottom Line

​​​​The three new fantastic color and easy to grip cover stock makes your bowling experience awesome. I recommend this bowling ball to you guys without any doubt.

What I Like

  • ​This White Dot Bowling Ball by Bowlerstore Products is a great choice for children, beginners, or spare shooting bowlers
  • ​This bowling ball is available with the standard of quality for house shots
  • ​The cover stock design features an elegant look
  • ​The bowling ball is available in three new exciting colors
  • ​This ball does great in hooking for the beginners
  • ​It rolls super smoothly at fewer efforts

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This ball may get vulnerable after using it for a long time

​No Rules Bowling Ball by Roto Grip


I am now showing another durable bowling ball. The Chaotic Core Weight Block tends to grip the surface strongly. It tends to hook powerfully and without slowing down when it bangs the pin.

This bowling ball stocks plenty of stamina for strong, controlled back ends. As an intermediate level player, I must say this bowling ball is something else.

The Micro DNA Solid Reactive cover stock makes shooting a bowling ball in house oil patterns quite easy.

This bowling ball is a good option only for skilled house shot bowlers. You need that much skill and experience to cope up with the ball's quality.

​Bottom Line

​​​​​This bowling ball works perfectly no matter how heavy the oil patterns are. You can consider this ball as a good choice for bowling house shot oil patterns.

What I Like

  • ​The cover stock material of this bowling ball is Micro DNA Solid reactive
  • ​This bowling ball is ideal for any type of oil lane condition
  • ​Chaotic Core Weight Block provides enough hook potential
  • ​This bowling ball also features a 2000 Grit pad factory finish
  • ​The Roto Grip No Rules Bowling Ball is a great option for skilled bowlers

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This Roto Grip No Rules Bowling Ball is not for beginners for its uncontrollable and extreme hook

​Timeless Bowling Ball by Storm Bowling Products


The Timeless bowling ball is the first release in storm bowling product's new signature line. It is a strong bowling ball, which usually helps to attain advanced level performances.

The reaction of the bowling ball is quite pleasing. The back-end reaction can help you to get high scores in every game. 

This ball dispenses almost none of its energy before hitting the break-point. This bowling ball saves it all up for a fierce finish once the ball exits the oil lane conditions and strikes the impact zone. This ball is the most reactive resin bowling ball I have ever played with.

Its symmetrical Dual-Drive weight block is a combination core at its most unique quality. With the fragrance of aromatherapy, this ball is quite popular among the professional bowlers.

The R2S Hybrid Reactive cover stock offers durability and hook potentiality. And it has very little bias to flare out or startle to lane conditions.

​Bottom Line

This bowling ball is dynamite but controllable, providing power through any conditions thrown.

What I Like

  • ​The Timeless bowling ball has an aromatherapy fragrance
  • ​This bowling ball is super strong, with a higher level of energy transferring capability at the pins
  • ​This Bowling ball has a hybrid reactive finishing with 1500-grit
  • ​This bowling ball is great for medium-heavy oil lane conditions
  • ​The ball contains dual-drive weight block capacity
  • ​The flare potentiality of this bowling ball is minimal

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This Timeless bowling ball is not eligible for dry lane conditions as its initial power source is oil reactivity

​Maxim Bowling Ball by Ebonite


The Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is a great bowling ball for the beginner bowlers. I highly recommend this ball for newcomers.

With the handy pancake core, this bowling ball can break the awesome stereotype.

This bowling ball works fine on dry lane conditions. The plastic or polyester cover stock makes it ideal for straight shots. With beautiful straight rolling, this ball can provide a tough pin action.

​Bottom Line

​​With decent durability, the Ebonite Maxim gifts you a stylish bowling experience

What I Like

  • ​The Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball has a polyester or plastic cover stock
  • ​This bowling ball contains a glossy finishing
  • ​Bowlers who put a high priority on bowling in style, this ball is made for them
  • ​With the beautiful color combination and 3 Piece Core, this ball is great for entry-level bowlers
  • ​This bowling ball does well in most lane conditions

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball may spill after a long term usage

​What to Consider before Buying the Best Bowling Ball for House Oil Pattern?

​There are different types of bowling balls, depending on various purposes and several conditions. A ball for beginners might be useless to pro bowlers. You can also find a bowling ball for dry lanes fail in oil conditions. So, this section describes which things you need to consider before choosing a bowling ball for house shots.

​Player’s Skill

A beginner can never handle a bowling ball made for pro bowlers. I have seen beginner bowlers getting success by using plastic bowling balls. Nowadays, urethane bowling balls have also become an option for beginners. 

Experienced bowlers can do well with any type of ball as they know how to control them. But to make sure you get the best result, you need to use controllable bowling balls no matter much experienced you are.

​Lane Condition

Lane conditions have three types. Medium oil lane conditions are easy to play. But heavy oil lane conditions sometimes give you difficulties. And, dry lane conditions are pretty difficult for any bowler to play in.

As I am talking about house shot bowling balls, dry lane condition is out of today's syllabus. For medium and heavy oil lane conditions, you need to buy a heavy bowling ball. The ball also should have a better gripping. Solid cover stocks always do better in such conditions.

​Weight of the Player

​Right now, we are not talking about bowling balls' weight. We are telling you to consider your weight. According to some bowling textbooks, a player needs to get a ball that weighs 10 percent of the player's body weight.

Though it is hard to get a bowler with accurate weight, you can easily manage with something that is around the preferred ratio. As you are buying a ball for a house shot bowling, I think it is better to buy something a bit more than 1/10th of your weight.

​How to Buy the Best Bowling Ball for House Shot?

​Getting a goof bowling ball for house shots is not a tricky job at all. You have to follow the primary conditions when you are in search of such a bowling ball. I am now describing those mandatory conditions to ease your path to the best bowling ball for oil condition lanes.


​The weight defines how easily you can finish the game. According to pro bowlers, you should choose heavier bowls for medium or heavy oil condition lanes.

It is because lighter balls can sometimes fail to clear the distance and slip. So, if the condition is not dry, you better buy something that weighs around 12 to 15 pounds.

​Cover Stock

​The cover stock directly acts with the condition of the lane. That is why you need to judge this part a bit more seriously. There are different types of cover stock materials available in the market.

But I find urethane and reactive resin cover stocks are quite handy for a house shot bowling. Moreover, the whole cover stock should be solid to roll perfectly on oil conditions.

​Grit Level

​The grit level of a house shot bowling ball for house shot bowling should be less than 1500. The latest house shot bowling ball models feature around 1200-1500 grit.


​There are three types of bowling ball cores. Among them, one is for dry lane conditions. I suggest not buying that type for house shot bowling, which is known as the asymmetrical core. On the other side, symmetrical and pancake cores can feature necessary hooking to help you in the game.

​Drilling Holes

​Drilling is another fact to consider while buying a bowling ball. Balls that come drilled may work well in some cases. But most of the time, your finger may not fit well on those holes. That is why people suggest custom balls nowadays.

You can seek help from a drilling expert to drill your balls according to the size and shape of your hand. If you don't get perfect holes on the surface of the bowling ball, you can't be able to hold the ball well. This thing might also lead you to the wrong release of the ball while playing.


We all know the fact that having the best bowling balls is the first and main key to become an expert bowler. But you also need to know that taking care of your bowling ball also puts some good effect on your performance.

If you can keep your bowling ball in a good shape after every match, then you can use it for a long time to win matches. So, in fine, I wish you get good bowling ball through this discussion and take care of it well after every match.

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