How to Clean a Bowling Ball with Rubbing Alcohol?

Who doesn’t want to spend some quality time in between busy schedule playing games and sports? Every sports lover makes their leisure time enjoyable by playing their favorite games. But to play the game perfectly and to win the matches, every sportsman must have the perfect gaming kit.

The Bowling Ball game has been one of the most popular indoor games. Maximum sports lovers play this game to see their targeting skills, strength, and bowling technique as well. But apart from these techniques and skills, a very important thing that must be kept in mind is the condition of the ball.

If the cleanliness of the ball is not maintained from time to time, then it will lose its lifespan and grip. So let’s see various methods of cleaning the ball including a pro tip- “how to clean a bowling ball with rubbing alcohol”.

Why Cleaning Is Required

The lanes which are used to play the bowling game are covered with lubricants or oils. The bowling ball spins on the lanes and hit the pins at the end of the track. The oils which are greased on the surface help in navigating the ball and also to maintain a smooth spinning surface. Due to this sticky feature of the lanes, there is various dust as well.

So in each spin, the ball comes in contact with the oil and it eventually results in a ring of oils and dust around the ball.
The surface of the ball is prepared in such a way that, there are small pores all around the ball. This helps the ball in getting a perfect and smooth grip in the lane. But after every spin, these small pores get covered by layers of oil and dust.

In this way, the ball doesn’t only lose its grip, but also the shiny appearance and its durability reduce. So it is very important to clean bowling balls to keep the ball in perfect condition. This cleaning can be done in many ways in shops and also at home as well.

Simple Cleaning Techniques

After every spin in the lanes, the ball gets a ring of dirt and oil around the surface. This results in reducing the grip of the ball and losing matches. So a very simple and effective technique for keeping the ball clean is to rub it after every session. 

In this case, a microfiber piece of cloth can be used for rubbing the ball. This type of cloth doesn’t get stuck to the ball as threads don’t come out. So, it will make the cleaning process much easier.
When the ball gets covered with oil, it should be rubbed with the microfiber cloth immediately before the oil sticks to the pores of the ball surface permanently.

So, the player just needs to keep a microfiber towel in his pockets and after every spin, the ball must be rubbed with that. This will result in an effective bowling ball cleaning technique. Using a bit of dirt cleaning spray in the cloth can give better results by shining the outer surface. In this way, the ball will look new and attractive every time and will increase the durability as well.

Pro Tips for Cleaning

One of the most common questions about cleaning is- “how to clean a bowling ball according to professionals”. This question has been answered in many ways since there are lots of cleaning techniques. Among them, two of the most effective ways to clean the ball according to professionals are:

  1. 1
    Using rubbing alcohol while cleaning
  2. 2
    Take the ball to the bowling shop for deep cleaning

After ending the game, the ball gets heated up due to frequent spins in the lanes which results in the attraction of dust and sticky surface around the ball. So this problem can be easily solved by rubbing the ball with alcohol cleaner. 

To do so, in a bottle take a small amount of Isopropyl and simple Green alcohol with an equal amount of water. Then shake the bottle to make an effective and bowling ball cleaner. Spray the alcohol cleaner in a piece of microfiber cloth or directly on the ball surface and rub thoroughly.

This will not only clean the surface but also will increase the shiny appearance.
On other hand, if the ball surface gets too dull and loses the grip, then it needs deep cleaning in the shops. The balls are kept under a certain temperature around 140-degrees which results in cleaning the pores on the surface to increase grip.

This process is the best way to clean bowling ball since it increases the durability to a great extent.

Best Bowling Ball Cleaning Ways at Home

To increase the bowling ball lifespan and to maintain a perfect condition for quality game-play, it must be cleaned at home frequently. So, it is required to make a simple homemade bowling ball polish to do the cleaning easily. 

For this, a bowl of hot water is required and a few drops of washing soda. By making a mixture of these two components, a very easy, cheap, and effective ball cleaner can be made at home. Dipping the ball in this mixture for 15-20 minutes and rubbing it until the surface gets dry can result in maintaining the perfect condition of the ball.

Besides maintaining the shiny appearance of the ball, there are certain easy techniques. There is a frequently asked question about the shining process which is can you wax a bowling ball. The answer is you should never do so because the wax can cover the pores of the ball making the surface flat and reducing performance capability.


In this case, car polisher or shiny spray can be used to rub the surface and maintain a new look every time.


The performance of the ball depends on the bowling ball care which will result in a perfect and quality game feeling. Many bowling balls don’t get a proper grip and loses the shiny surface due to a lack of proper cleanliness.

This phenomenon not only ruins the game but also decreases the durability of the ball resulting in wasting money to buy another ball.

So to maintain high performance and quality of the bowling ball, it must be cleaned timely to get perfect game-play in every spin.

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