How Far Apart are Bowling Pins?

Bowling ball has been one of the most played indoor games for a long time. There are lots of rules that a player has to keep in mind to get a perfect shot and to score points by hitting all the pins.

Since the main goal of this game is to make points by hitting all the pins, there are certain rules that are needed to be maintained for arranging them. The most important one among them is- how far apart are bowling pins from one another or from the foul line, etc.

So, all the players must have an idea about the placement of these pins to make points and to spin the ball accordingly.

​How Are the Pins Arranged?

Bowling ball game is all about hitting the pins placed at the end of the lane and scoring points based on the number of hooked pins. So the players have to keep an image of the arrangement of pins in mind to get a perfect shot and hit all the pins to score points. There are in total 10 pins that are needed to be hooked through the ball.

These pins are placed at the end of the lane by an automatic machine on 10 specific dots arranged as the mid-point for every pin.
The bowling pins layout is arranged in a triangular shape and the bowler will see one headpin and two pins of the last row from the frontal view.

From the upper view, an equilateral triangle can be seen made by these 10 pins. In the first row, there is one pin (1) also known as the headpin. Then in the second-row pin number (2) and (3) are placed maintaining equal distance with (1). In the 3rd-row pin number (4), (5), and (6) are placed in the same order. Finally, in the last row pin number (7), (8), (9), and (10) are placed.

These bowling pins position is arranged in rows that make it look like an equilateral triangle having the headpin as the front row and base as the last row.

​Placement Measurements of the Pins

The pins are placed at the end of the track on 10 dots that are detected by the bowling pins setup machine. The bowling pins numbers are sealed in the front part of the pin body. The measurement of the distance of the pin is calculated from various angles based on the dots on which the pins are placed. So basically, the distance is calculated for the mid-point of the pins. For easy measurement, the Inch scale is used to calculate the distance.

Some important measurements for the perfect pin setup are as follows:
The pins are placed 12 inches apart from each other in side-ways. That is, the adjacent pins maintain an equal distance of 12 inches in every row.
The pins which are placed in such a way that there is another pin in the front direction as well as behind, then these are also called the sleeper pins.

Pin number (2) and (8) from the second and last row, pin number (3) and (9) from the 2nd and 4th row, and pin number (1) and (5) from the 1st and 3rd row are placed following the sleeper pin feature. The distance between these sleeper pins is 20.75 inches.
The pins that are placed on the two sides of the triangular shape which makes two perimeter borders maintain a distance of 36 inches each on both sides.

On both sides of the lane, there are two hollow spaces known as the gutter. Pin number (7) and (10) of the last row are placed at a distance of 2.5 inches from the gutter on each side.
The distance of the headpin (1) from the starting of the lane that is, the foul line is 720 inches.

The distance of the 4th row of the pins to the back where the lane is finished is 3 inches.
The headpin of the pin deck is placed in such a way that it maintains 40.25 inches from the center of the 4th row.
These are the most important bowling pin measurements that are needed to be kept in mind.

​Slow Speed Bowling Ball

The best technique of the bowling ball game is to spin the ball maintaining a slow speed on the lane with accuracy in the direction to score points. The slow speed balls can easily run through the greased lanes and move to the target without any change in the direction of spinning.

The slow speed bowling can be played to perfection if the outer covering of the ball is made of a strong hybrid layer that can overcome the oils on the lane and maintain a smooth spin. Some of the best bowling balls for slow speed are:

Maximum players try to spin the ball at a slow speed as it reaches the end of the lane without any faulty movements resulting in increasing the chances of winning easily.


The best way to score points in the bowling ball depends on the players’ knowledge of the position of the pin. If the arrangement of the pins is well settled in mind, then it will be a lot easier to spin the ball in such a way so that all the pins are hooked perfectly.

Since the pins are placed in automatic machines, the distance of the pins always remains the same. So, it is necessary to know the formation layout of the pins.

So, the distance of the pins from various angles of the lane must be known for scoring points and to get a perfect shot every time.

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