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​As I am an intermediate bowler now, many newcomers are asking me nowadays how I have become skilled in this game. Well, I think the first step for becoming an expert in bowling is to get the best entry level bowling balls. I have polished my skills and adapted so many techniques by using Tzone Deep Space during those learning periods. When you get a good bowling ball for yourself, you not only have the opportunity to become a pro but also get to enjoy bowling, which also helps in many ways.

You can get the suggestion of using the tropical breeze bowling ball from many places. But recently, there so many other good options available in the market. So, there is no need of using a ball without knowing whether it can help you or not. To make sure you start your learning flawlessly, I bring you reviews of some bowling balls that I have used in the past. You also get to know some other stuff that helps you in buying your bowling ball in today's discussion.

​Michelin storm ice bowling ball is a great choice if you are an intermediate bowler. The white and blue bowling ball features a good finish to feature controlled hooking in most oily lanes.

Entry-level bowling balls come in a cheap rate but works pretty fine like other ones. As a beginner is going to use entry-level balls, manufacturers give constructions to these balls that hook less. Besides, a beginner bowling ball lets you control it with ease so that you can try out different methods and styles to learn bowling fully. A beginner's ball doesn't work like other bowling balls for advanced players. Otherwise, you could've failed to learn or develop your skills without any issues.

​Reviews of Entry Level bowling Balls

​I have tested several balls from renowned brands in the past years to make sure I become a good bowler in a short time. Among those, I am only showing seven today that can also help you to develop your bowling career at the beginning.

​Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball by Brunswick


In case that you're seeking an entry-level bowling ball for a beginner who hasn't bowled much before, the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball then is for you.

With symmetrical bullet core, the manufacturer offers you balls with ten different colors. So, you can gift this bowling ball to whomever you want.

This bowling ball has a finishing with crown factory shine to give it the glaze and shiny look. You can love the ball's look when it rolls on the lane.

This bowling ball is made with minimal flare potentiality that helps the beginners to control the ball easily. I have used this ball for a quite long time.

The answer to the question of the durability of this ball is quite positive. As I have used this before, I must confess that this ball is great for entry-level players to control.

Bottom Line

​This is a straight-line strike ball for depleted conditions. It is also a good bowling ball for dry lane conditions.

What I Like

  • ​The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space bowling ball has the bullet core for better performance
  • ​Deep space design and black-light reactivity are some unique features of this product
  • ​This bowling ball is impeccable for beginners and straight bowlers
  • ​The polyester cover stock of this bowling ball offers you high-polish factory finishing
  • ​This Tzone bowling ball tends to go straight
  • ​This spare bowling ball is recommended for dry lane conditions

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The Brunswick offers you a very little hook potentiality

​Hustle Ink Bowling ball by Roto Grip


This bowling ball provides you the best entry-level offering you have ever got. This bowling ball is best for beginners who have the zeal to be better in bowling.

The new hustle Ink can roll the earliest and smoothest of all Roto Grip. Yet, you can easily control this roto grip product.

As it finishes at 1500-grit abalone, it provides enough hook potentiality for an entry-level game. 

The Thrilled Solid Reactive cover stock is perfect for light oil or medium lane conditions. 

This bowling ball revs itself up nicely and holds strongly on normal house shot patterns. I highly recommend this ball for its quality.

Bottom Line

​​It's a super user-friendly entry-level bowling ball yet provides you enough hook. Also, its controlling power is fantastic and long-lasting.

What I Like

  • ​This Roto Grip Hustle Ink has especially formulated dynamic core and solid cover stock
  • ​This bowling ball is available in only Ink Blue color
  • ​The reactive weight block hustle core of this bowling ball provides straight-line control
  • ​The reactive weight block hustle core offers the earliest and smooth roll
  • ​This bowling ball tends to create more balance in the HP1 line
  • ​This Roto Grip finishes at 1500-grit abalone
  • ​The ball can do well in medium lane conditions

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball doesn't provide sharpness or quick flip

​White Dot Diamond Bowling Ball by Columbia 300


This Columbia 300 White Dot Diamond bowling ball is designed for dry lane conditions. I also find this perfect for straight-line bowlers. It is super easy to control and has the perfection in straight rolling. 

Bowlers of any age can select this bowling ball, as there's quite a great number of variety in sizes. I am fascinated by the classy aspect of this bowling ball.

This bowling ball is an easy ball to control and also provides you enough hook potentiality. The powerhouse factory polished finishing offers durability.

This bowling ball has got USBC approval. I am still using this ball as an intermediate level player. I think you can consider buying this bowling ball undoubtedly.

Bottom Line

​​​Pancake core provides straight reactivity and a necessary amount of hooking.

What I Like

  • ​It helps to clean bowling balls like professional ones
  • ​This bowling ball has a pancake core.
  • ​The cover stock material of this bowling ball is polyester
  • ​The bowling ball is USBC approved
  • ​This bowling ball is available in weight from 6lb to 15lb
  • ​The diamond white color of this bowling ball gives it a simple yet classy glance
  • ​The hook potential of this bowling ball is also variable Depending on the size
  • ​You get maximum 2000-grit abalone from this beginner bowling ball
  • ​This is a quite perfect spare ball, which tends to go straight

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The cover stock of this White Dot doesn't have any oil absorption function

​Turbo/R Bowling Ball by Ebonite


By providing enough hook potentiality for the beginners or entry-level bowlers, this Ebonite Turbo/R bowling ball gives perfection in practicing bowling. 

You can drill the holes by yourself from any pro shop as there are no finger holes in this ball. The custom holes on the cover stock can work fine to let you hold the ball precisely.

You can also speed past your competitors with the Ebonite Turbo/R, which satisfies you with your bowling scores.

The bowling ball features a 2000 Grit Abralon Sanding Pad finish. That is why this bowling ball provides you medium hook potentiality. 

The GB 10.7 cover stock offers durability and hook potentiality. So, I like this ball.

Bottom Line

​​​​The fantastic color combination and quality of this bowling ball makes me recommend it to you bowlers. The ball is quite enough controllable for any player.

What I Like

  • ​The Ebonite Turbo/R Bowling Ball is a perfect choice for light to medium oil lane conditions
  • ​The Turbo/R gear core of this bowling ball is encircled by a GB 10.7 cover stock
  • ​This bowling ball gives you 2000 Grit Abalones
  • ​The bowling ball also comes with a powerhouse factory finish polish
  • ​This Ebonite Turbo/R offers you medium hook potentiality
  • ​This ball covers length with a controlled back end reaction
  • ​This bowling ball is procurable in multiple colors

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball is not for heavy oil lane conditions

​Path Rising Bowling Ball by Pyramid


The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is a good option for entry-level bowling. The newly formulated era of 139 symmetric core provides the players drilling variety. Nevertheless, for bowlers with high ambition, this bowling ball is quite suitable.

Bowlers of all ages can choose this bowling ball as there's quite a great number of variety in sizes and colors. I am fascinated by the cover stock color, especially with the aqua-silver pearl cover stock.

The cover stock of this Pyramid Path Rising bowling ball is durable enough, and I think it's designed for powerful throwing.

The polished factory finishing of the Pyramid Path Rising is made for an extended length. So, this ball can provide you your desired score. You get a great amount of potential performance from this bowling ball for very little initial effort.

​Bottom Line

This bowling ball is best for entry-level performers who want consistency in their bowling score.

What I Like

  • ​The perfect scale rating of this bowling ball is 181.30
  • ​The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is optimal for medium-dry lanes
  • ​The reactive pearl cover stock of this bowling ball offers a more angular reaction
  • ​This Pyramid Path bowling ball does an awesome job turning mid-lane traction into tricky firepower on the back end
  • ​In this bowling ball, size and color diversity are an initiate
  • ​This bowling ball finishes at 1500-Grit abalone

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball is not for greasy or oily lane conditions

​Twist Bowling Ball by Brunswick


This Brunswick Twist Reactive bowling ball is recommended for dry lane conditions. The bowling ball is also perfect for entry-level straight line bowlers. 

This Bowling Ball is another creation by Brunswick, offering the entry-level bowlers an advanced twist on ball reaction. It is super easy to control. It also features perfection in straight rolling satisfies your bowling desires. 

The color compatibility of the Brunswick Twist is splendid. The bowling ball is available in many sizes. So, bowlers of all ages can easily find this bowling ball as their type.

This bowling ball is an entry performance ball, designed for mostly lighter oil conditions. Besides, it obtains a medium hook on light oil conditions.

​Bottom Line

​You have to drill the ball by yourself as there are no finger holes in this ball. You can make the custom and friendly holes in the ball. Thus, this bowling ball is an entry-level dream.

What I Like

  • ​It gives a fair performance on drier lane conditions
  • ​The R-16 reactive pearl cover stock of the Brunswick Twist strikes strong without any possibility of cracking
  • ​The motion of this bowling ball is very predictable and easy to establish bowling quality
  • ​You can control the bowling ball with ease
  • ​Good holes don't hurt your fingers

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The ball gets glutinous and starts sliding off the medium or heavy oil lanes

​Storm Match Up Solid Bowling Ball by MICHELIN


The new core manufactures this ball substantially different than the sanded original Match from last season. However, this bowling ball is amazing on dry lane conditions.

This bowling ball allows bowlers to perform with more entry angle. I just love playing with this ball.

This Bowling Ball is a great choice for entry-level bowlers. With this bowling ball, I'm sure any bowlers can knock down any amount of pin with better pin carry quality.

If you are looking for entry-level hook potential beast, this MICHELIN Storm Match Up Solid is just for you.

​Bottom Line

​​With the stinger 2.0 symmetrical core, this ball rolls super smooth. You can have it to develop your bowling skills undoubtedly..

What I Like

  • ​The Reactor Solid Reactive cover stock of this Storm Match up is available in the color combination of black, lime, and aqua
  • ​This bowling ball provides you a higher RG of 2.57"
  • ​This bowling ball offers more flare potential with the stinger 2.0 symmetrical core
  • ​The weight block provides the bowler's entry-level angular motion
  • ​This bowling ball finishes with 1500 grit level, which offers enough hook potential

​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​This bowling ball may get cracked due to long term usage

​What to Concern before Buying Best Bowling Ball for Beginners?

​We have reviewed seven products from some of the best bowling ball brands. Now, it is time to show you the considerations that are necessary to keep in mind before buying any bowling ball.

​Your Budget

​The budget for buying an entry-level bowling ball should never be too high. Beginners' balls come at a reasonable price. Spending a huge amount of money to buy a ball that helps to learn bowling is not a wise decision

​Your Bowling Style

​There are different types of bowling styles and techniques. You can learn only one style at the beginning to start your bowling career. That is why you have to choose a ball, depending on your preferred bowling style.

​Lane Conditions

​You should not think about lane conditions too much. Beginners never play in dry lane conditions. So, you have to buy a ball for med-oil lane conditions.

​Weight of the Ball

​You need to make sure that the ball you are choosing is a bit lighter than usual ones. Otherwise, you can find the ball a bit heavier and make your muscle pain a lot after some sets.

​Drilling Holes

​I always prefer custom holes. You need to buy a bowling ball with a solid cover stock and take it to an expert to make holes according to your fingers' alignment.


​Any bowling ball with less hook potentiality is the best choice for you. So, you need to buy something with average features.

​How to Buy the Best Entry Level Bowling Ball?

​To make sure you get one of the mid performance bowling balls, I am telling you some important facts about beginners' bowling balls. You can get some idea about the best bowling ball for beginner to intermediate from this section of our discussion.


​Professionals always suggest to select the best bowling ball for bowlers is to select that one which is not more or less than 1/10th of his body weight. Yet, the weight of the bowling ball is determined by the bowlers' strength level. Bowling balls are available from 6 pounds to 16 pounds.

For entry-level bowlers, it is highly variable. The bowler can be of any age. So, you can choose a lighter ball that you can easily control.

​Cover stock

The outer-part of a bowling ball wrapped in a coat is a cover stock. Cover stock is one of the most essential materials of a bowling ball, and it is highly influential on how a ball spins and rotates. There are four types of cover stocks: plastic, urethane, resin, and particle. 

The plastic cover stock is great for beginners, usually is made with polyester. These types of cover stocks are harder than others. 

This hardness of the cover stock produces comparatively less traction and less hook potential. These plastic cover stock bowling balls are easier to control, rolls straight.

The Urethane cover stocks are somehow better than plastic cover stocks in terms of hook potential. This type of cover stock is comparatively softer, allows a little angular rotation while rolling. However, entry-level bowlers can select balls with urethane cover stock or plastic cover stock.


There are varieties in the shape of the bowling ball's core. Depending on the type of core, a bowler can get a large group of particular reactions using the same equipment, changing only the chart or layout. 

The symmetrical cores and asymmetrical cores are usually two types of bowling-ball cores. Besides, there's another core named pancake core. Pancake cores usually stay inside entry-level bowling balls and give the balls a good balance. To keep the ball moving forward in a straight line, symmetrical cores and pancake cores are good. 

The symmetrical cores usually have large cores in their centers. Besides, symmetrical cores offer a decent mid-ground for balance and break. For entry-level bowlers, both core types are good choices.

​Hook Potential

​ Hooking helps you in becoming a pro bowler. Hook potential depends on so many factors. The degree of these hooks depends on the material. Again, bowling ball’s hook potential refers to a ball’s ability to curve as it’s approaching the pins.

​A ball with high hook potential will curve more than a ball with low hook potential. However, entry-level bowlers should choose balls with less hook potential. Thus, it offers straight rolling and easy controlling quality.


​Color is another matter that I think you need to consider in bowling balls selection. It personalizes the standard of the bowling ball. Color does affect hook potential in around 450 rd, which is quite negligible. Again, there's another tiny fact that colors make the rolling difference of bowling ball. Bowling ball companies keep these tiny differences while manufacturing bowling balls. Also, color creates an aesthetic value in your bowling style. So, keeping some points on your mind, you can choose the color of your bowling ball.


​The finish of the ball's cover stock is important. You should consider it. Newly formulated bowling balls are polished to have different grit levels. You should pay attention to the bowling ball's surface details before buying it. For entry-level bowlers, the smoother surface is the only best option according to my experience.


Well, this is all that I have to say about bowling balls for beginners. I think you have got to know every essential fact to buy a good bowling ball that lets you build your career as a pro bowler. I hope you get the right option for yourself as soon as possible to overcome any obstacle that can make your learning period lengthy and difficult by any means.

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